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    Stumble into @Bare_Burger for Brunch

    Last weekend, I woke up and stumbled into Bare Burger. We usually go to this place for their healthy fries/onion ring combo, delicious sliders and a slew of condiments. I love sauce did you know that?  But this organic burger joint has brunch too!  Who knew!  I was happily surprised and got the chicken and waffles platter with banana fritters and sweet potato fries. It came with paprika butter! YUM.



    Tai had a really yummy burger too that he could customize everything from meat, bun to toppings and ‘done-ness’ of the meat. IMG_6008

    Look!  Still sleepy 🙂

    Bareburger is a micro-chain of organic burger restaurants. As of today, we have seventeen locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Long Island. Check out our restaurants page to find the Bareburger nearest to you!

    Bareburger restaurants offer mouth-watering organic burgers and sandwiches, fresh salads, delicious shakes and sharable snacks in environmentally sustainable, eco-friendly locations. Our belief is that organic food tastes better and is better for you, and that sourcing our ingredients locally benefits our communities. Our menu features a variety of meats, including traditional beef, chicken, turkey and lamb; exotic options such as elk, bison, ostrich and boar; and mushroom, veggie and black bean burgers for our vegetarian and vegan guests. Bareburger also offers a number of savory and sweet salads, organic beer and wine, and kid-friendly cubby meals for the littlest diners.

    Definitely one of our new favorite spots. Check out Bare Burger.

    They have a ton of locations http://www.bareburger.com/

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    Good Eats: @HuntersLanding


    Signature Fish Tacos: Grilled Pineapple & Jicama Slaw, Avocado, Smoked Chili Sauce

    Some friends and I recently had dinner at Hunters Landing, and although this wasn’t my first dining experience (sshhhh I invite everyone there, because it’s my new favourite place, and it’s close to home!) anyway, although this wasn’t my first dining experience at Hunters Landing and I know what to except, I’m always blown away by how good the food is, and how awesome the service is… always. I love the vibe in there; I feel right at home, and did I mention that the food is great?!


    Classica: Fresh Mozzarella, Balsamic Syrup, Tomatoes, Basil


    Mussels: Albarino Tomato Broth, House-Cured Bacon, Baby Kale, Focaccia


    Soup of the day- all I can say is that it was butternut squash heaven!


    Ale Brisket Sliders: Horseradish-Spiked Slaw, Brioche Bun

    Whether you’re looking to just relax over a glass of wine, or maybe you’re looking to have a girls/boys night out, or if you’re just looking to go somewhere with an awesome vibe and some good food, Hunters Landing is it! Have you been? You should go! What should you have? The Signature Fish Tacos are sooooo good, the Classica Pizza is amazing (looove that balsamic syrup), the calamari is delicious, and I hear that the Landing wings and the Ale Brisket Sliders are the booooooomb! You’re welcome 🙂

    A big thank you to the Hunters Landing staff and to Jesse the Manager for always treating me (us) so well!


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    More Harlem ♥

    So as you already know, Shay and I checked out Harlem Restaurant a couple days ago, and  we had more fun than we prolly should have but whatevs! Check out the video!

    *big fat kisses*
    ps: hope everyone is enjoying their summerrrrrrr!
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    Hot Eats – Harlem

    Bella & I decided to go check out Harlem (East Side) Restaurant & Lounge for lunch yesterday, we’ve heard so much about it… the ambiance, the people, the FOOD! It was delicious, we had a great time… even with bellies full off of sweet potato fries we managed to find space for a Philly Meatloaf Steak sammy (me) & a ‘Nice Lady’ veggie wrap (Bella).

    Getting started… Mango Juice, Coconut ‘n Pineapple Juice, Sweet Potato Fries


    Jervis (chef) on the graffiti decor’d patio

    Harlem is a must-see spot for anyone who enjoys good, soulful cooking! So… GO EAT, tell ’em that I sent ‘cha! lol xo

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    Phoenix Food Boutique

    My cousin Ricky is visiting me in LA! He said, wow – you are such a pig, you get sooo excited talking about food. And… He is right 🙂 I am so passionate about food, nevermind the calories – what about how it makes you feel! Actually, I am like that about a lot of the things in my life now that I think about it.

    When I first came to LA in June, my cousin Nancy who went to USC took me and my mom to this delicious restaurant called Phoenix in San Gabriel Valley – about 20 mins east of downtown LA. Oooo we had the full dinner for 4 and loved every bit of it. It was so nice to be in the familiar environment of a Chinese restaurant so many miles away from home – with waiters to spoke to us in Cantonese and a menu full of food I ate all my life, as a child and have so many memories attached to them. And… then there was new things I never tried but now I love!

    Last night, I actually found the restaurant again by chance! It’s so yummy. We had duck egg congee, soy sauce chow mein and fried shrimp with candied walnuts. OMG can I please tell you about the shrimp! Delish… Chinese ppl love to eat late, like 10, 11pm it’s called 宵夜 (xiao ye) which means ‘Late Night Snack’. And we strolled in about quarter past ten ^_^

    I don’t usually photograph my food but…

    I BBMed these to my sweetie and he was up late in Toronto fiending for Chinese food and me 🙂

    and then for dessert! I got these to take home. What are they called… ummm Bouut Tsai Go in Chinese.. what in English i don’t know, sugar pudding? Dunno.. it’s divine.

    PS there mochi selection is unreal! There desserts are heavenly!
    You might wanna check it out: PhoenixFoodBoutique.com