• New York

    Gutter Rainbows

    Went down to SNAP last night with Yale for the Talib listening party…Even though it was 2 blocks from where we live, we took a cab. Ha ha.. Look out for this album out on Jan 25, 2011!
    With the economic climate and the weather climate gray and gloomy, it is really important to grasp this concept of ‘gutter rainbows’. It’s not about positivity but it’s about survival and being able to always get that second wind. Don’t give up. 2011 is going to be epic.
    Talib talking about what the title “Gutter Rainbows” means..
    Grabbed a quick pic! Talib + me
    88 Keys – cutest
    Thank you Hennessy for the Hennessy Artistry series open bar! Henney + Apples, Henney + Ginger, Henney + Berries YUM.
    Talib Kweli blessed the crowd with a preview of tracks 1-8 of his new album, full of instrumentals, original music and collabos with talents from Brooklyn and beyond.
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