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    Winter Hair Remedy: ER Fusion Hair Treatment

    Since my hair has been growing, I have taken more attention to tend to the dry ends. The winter dryness has not be helpful in my already ombre ends. They have been exceptionally dry recently.  I was so tempted to cut it all off but White Sands has a new product called ER Fusion that temporarily stopped me!  The path to Victoria Secret Angel hair is a long and strenuous path…
     It is a treatment that improves the hair from the inside out!   It comes in a tube similar to a leave-in conditioner.  It has a soft and pleasant smell.  The most important is that you leave the ER Fusion on your hair for 20 mins and ideally under heat.
    My ends really really needed this Intensive Reconstructor badly! (works INSIDE the hair)
    • Brings hair back to a youthful condition
    • Weightless feel
    • High gloss shine
    • Contains hair color enhancer’s
    • Results last up to 30 days following each treatment
    • Needs 20 minutes of heat to activate
    • Skin care delivery system
    • Holds moisture in so your hair won’t frizz out
    • Increased flexibility, softness, shine and volume
    • Guards against future and current breakage patterns
    It is really important to use this product exactly as directed to get the results you are looking for:
    ** Comb ER Fusion through clean, damp hair. Apply heat with a blow dryer to the scalp area for 20 minutes and then rinse. For enhanced results, shampoo your hair and rinse, then shampoo and rinse a second time then apply.
    IMG_3418After 2 times of using ER Fusion
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