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    The Wavy Baby

    “For the past 10 years, the hair vibe has been all about a sleek, straight look,” says Lee.  “Girls are done with that now because it’s too much work.  Wavy, tussled hair is so versatile because with just a touch of heat and a little bit of product, you can pull off a textured hair style with either curly or straight hair.”

    1.      To achieve this look, section off hair, spraying each section with Lee’s Flat Iron Protection Spray before you wrap each section around a hair wand or curling iron one by one.

    2.      Wrap the ends of the sectioned hair around the roller taking care not to buckle the hair. Then wind the roller down firmly towards the scalp. Keep winding until the roller sits on the roots of the hair.

    3.      Continue around the whole head always taking the same width of hair. Leave the finished set to dry naturally (roughly 20-30minutes) or dry with a diffuser attachment on your hairdryer to speed up the process. Remove each roller and brush through the hair following the direction of the set.

    4.      Now that you’ve done all that work, don’t let it go to waste. Finish with Lee’s Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray for a more lived in look or if you want a stronger hold on your style, polish off with his Hold Tight Firm Hold Hair Spray.


    The Big Bang

    If you don’t already have thick straight hair, this look is a little harder to recreate, but not impossible.  Another good alternative are side swept bangs which work on almost every face shape and with every haircut. “Bangs have been seen on nearly every celebrity this year and are still on trend for 2013. Lee’s Hold Tight Firm Hold Hairspray is the perfect product for either look because unlike other hairsprays on the market that leave hair with a crunchy, crispy look and feel, Lee’s hairspray is specifically designed to leave hair feeling as good as it looks, while giving hold to all styles without the stiffness hairspray is known for.


    • ·         For the Big Bang:

    1.      Begin with wet hair and apply a walnut size amount of the Lee Stafford Double Blow Mousse ($7.99).

    2.      Aim a hairdryer with a diffuser (to combat frizz) down the hair shaft. While blowing out bangs, try not to move the hair too much, as this will create body.

    3.      If you want a slight side flick, use a round brush and roll into the hair going backwards. Put the heat of the dryer on it then let the round brush cool down a little before you take it out.

    • ·         For a Side Swept Bang:

    1.      Follow step one in the Big Bang.

    2.      Use a round brush to roll the hair up, and blow dry hair on the side where you want the bangs to sit.

    3.      As you blow dry your hair, be sure to point your hair dryer down at your bangs, holding the dryer directly above the brush. When the hair is dried, lightly spray with some hairspray to hold it in place or secure in place with a cute clip.


    ** Lee’s Stylist Secrets:

    • ·         “I always say ‘leave it up to a professional to cut your fringe!’ It’s not as simple as just chopping off your hair with a pair of scissors. You want bangs to suit both your hair texture and face shape as well, but if you’re really desperate to trim your bangs, it’s important to know that you must cut slowly and UPWARDS into your bangs. Simply cutting across your forehead will give you a fringe line that’s too blunt and difficult to correct professionally later on!
    • ·         The right bangs can soften and balance your features. Lee’s general rule for fringe is strong, square bangs better suits a narrow face because it opens up the face and narrows down the forehead. With big eyes, you can pull off a great “coy” look, peeking out from beneath. Asymmetric or side sweeping bangs are the most flatting for a rounder shaped face; however, be careful if you have a low hairline or a small, round face – as it can become disproportionate and drown your features.


    (Please note: all of the products listed above are available at ULTA stores nationwide or online at ULTA.com.)


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    Get @KimKardashian’s Gorgeous Hair!

    Kim Kardashian famously changes up her hair on a regular basis, swapping out one style for the next faster than style bloggers can keep up with. Her deep, rich hair looks so healthy and is styled so flawlessly that Kim is an inspiration to many women. If you lust after Kim K. hair, clip in hair extensions could help you try out her signature styles. These extensions are super easy to use, so you don’t have to spend hour in front of the mirror and they’re secure enough to last all night.

    Kim’s styles begin with her gorgeous dark chocolate brown hair, which may tempt you to turn to the dye bottle to copycat. Even if you choose not to dye your own tresses, you can still get a similar feel in your own natural color.

    Kim’s Waves

    Start with wet hair, then air dry it overnight while you sleep. This gives you some slight natural curl to start with, plus it’s easier to curl hair that dried naturally than hair that was blown dry. Apply a heat protectant or some argan oil to your locks to protect them while you curl so they’ll shine like Kim’s. Using a curling iron, wrap one or two inch sections around the barrel in a spiral fashion to achieve a Kim-like curl. Once those curls cool, spritz on a bit of hairspray to hold them. Wear your locks down or style them in a classic Kardashian-style half-updo.

    Elegant Updo

    Kim also goes in for elegant updos when she needs to look chic on the red carpet. If you don’t have a lot of length, look for clip-in hair extensions in the same shade as your real hair. Human hair extensions are a must if you want to copy Kim’s style. Kim often wears ringlets of hair around her face to frame her features and accentuate her makeup, so leave a little hair loose on either side of your face. Attach the hair extension using the clips, then pull up into a knot, bun or French twist–three of Kim’s fave updos. For a twist, braid the hair before pinning it up.

    Kim Kardashian is a true style icon, not least because she’s unafraid to shake up her look and try on new trends. When it comes to hair, what other celeb styles are you loving right now?

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    How to Pull Off a Chic Ballerina Bun Like @laurenconrad

    For years, the high bun has been making a fashion statement. It’s a comfortable style that can create a classy look for a black tie affair. Just look at Sarah Jessica Parker during her “Sex in the City” days; she could rock a bun with any outfit.

    The high bun is a sweet style and takes just minutes to put together. Many women may think their hair is too thin. However, with a little help from a foam hair donut, anyone can have the full-bun do. All you need is a comb, hair donut, two elastic ties and hairpins. Once you’ve gathered your supplies, follow these quick steps to get that classy look you’re looking for.

    1. Pull your hair up into a ponytail – Make it tight, so the style lasts all day. Place the cusp of the tail where you want the bun. Don’t worry about a few stray hairs that fall down. That just adds chic to the look.
    2. Slide a hair donut over the ponytail – Push your hair through the donut hole and press the sponge against your head.
    3. Fan the ponytail over the donut to create the bun – You are turning the ponytail inside out over the foam. When you find the center of your ponytail, smooth it down around the insert. Make sure to cover the surface of the donut completely. You don’t want any foam peeking out.
    4. Secure the hair by sliding an elastic tie over the top of the donut – It pulls the strands tight around the foam.
    5. Twist the hair sticking out around the donut and tuck it under the foam – This allows you to pin the twisted ends into place.

    You might need a little hairspray to tighten it all up and smooth it out. The finished look should be sleek looking. Keeping it a little messy around your face and neck gives the style a little sex appeal, but you don’t want it to look shabby, so don’t go crazy!

    Life is tricky enough. Balancing work, home and fun takes smarts, but your hair should be something that adds to your look without adding stress to your life. The high bun gives the impression you just threw your hair up without even thinking about it, but you are too classy to be sloppy.

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