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    The Dryer that will Blow You Away: Infiniti Pro by Conair 3Q

    After last night, it’s clear that “cold shoulder hair” will be a trend we’ll see throughout this awards show season. This timeless, chic look of hair tossed over one shoulder can be flattering on so many lengths and types and can be easy to translate from the red carpet to real life!

    Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 1.47.09 PM

    One of my biggest resolutions for 2015 is to spend a bit more effort on my hair! I have seen so many awesome styles on Pinterest that I know I can achieve. The 3Q as the first step to achieving these fabulous hairstyles!

    The 3Q, loved by celebrity stylists like Peter Butler and Ted Gibson, is going to blow you away with what it can do!

    ·         A great time-saving tool, the 3Q features an advanced brushless motor that delivers a quick, quiet and quality blow out.
    ·         Up to 70% more air pressure reduces the temperature, so hair is dried quickly with less damaging heat and an overall healthier drying experience!
    ·         In a Nielsen survey, Conair found that having a quality dryer is so important to women that nearly two thirds say they would spend more money on a blow dryer if it was less damaging to their hair.
    ·         The 3Q lasts up to 10x as long as standard AC motor dryers, making it a great beauty investment!