• My dog Cami

    Pitbull Puppy’s First Heat

    I did so much research online about this and I decided that my DIY solution is something I must share.  Here are some of the things I learned that I hope helps you go through your first heat with your puppy! First of all Cami came into heat at 8months old. I was not sure if she was coming into it or not because it actually starts 1 week (with no bleeding) and with some ‘swelling’ on the vaginal area. It was hard for me to know if she was coming into heat or not. The only thing I knew was this is around the age the ladies in her family came into heat. So here is a photo of what to look for. The most apparent way to see the swelling vulva is sideways. When you are looking directly from the back, you can’t really tell. So here is the side view vs the back view taken at the same time. (1st day of bleeding)

    Here is what you need for the DIY Heat Panties!

    You need these awesome adult men’s butt pads!! These Special Pads are wider and thinner than traditional panty liners and maxi pads. The best part is they are way more adhesive and can stick to the undies really well.

    First measure your dog’s waist. Cami is 80 lbs and way too big for the diapers on the market I found. So her waist is 28 inches which is equivalent to size L in Boys Underwear. Some blogs suggested getting boys underwear and reversing it so the pee hole can be used to pull the tail through. I did that the first day but it kept falling off even with a safety pin.

    Day 1 – Reverse underwear with front to back for tail hole with the Special Pads insides but they kept falling off.

    Then I ordered this bodysuit for her in XL Long – The Snuggly Surgi was recommended on Amazon for post surgery dogs, elderly dogs, dogs in heat. I wanted to try it out. She is 25 inches from collar to butt so I needed the long one. So if you want to try this Surgi Snuggly E Collar Alternative. This goes over the pad/undies.  The best part about this is everyday did stay on and you just undo the straps and roll it up past the butt/tail for them to go outside to pee and poop.

    Today is Day 2 and cutting a hole in the underwear’s back side (right below the elastic band) works so much better.

    Place the triangular pads right below the tail hole with the larger side of the triangle in line with the waist band and the pointy part on the narrow part of the underwear. I found this stays on so much better even without the blue suit. Fits so much better.

    Without the safety pins but it stays on way better!  Try it out with your puppy and let me know how it goes!