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    Clear face with Kolkhuri

    When I am stressed it totally shows on my face ūüôĀ ¬†Even though I am in my late 20’s now, I still do get zits from time to time. Sometimes they are the under the skin kind that just kills! ¬†I have 5 pimples on my face —> on my nose, by my mouth, on my forehead :(:( that will not go away so I will be testing out Kolkhuri on it this week! ¬†Check back next week to see if I have a clear face.

    Once you have tried everything on the market, you will know what products really work for your skin or not.  You can use Kolkhuri in many different ways:

    Anything from Minor skin cuts, Skin ulcers and abscesses; Scrapes and bruises; Gets rid of Pimples and Acne; Burns and Sunburned skin; Insect and Mosquitoes Bites;
    Chapped or Cracked Skin, Cracked Heels; Post-surgical Wounds, Hard-healing Sores; Drying effects of wind, cold weather; Furuncles and Boils; Pressure Sores, Pressure Ulcers, and Bedsores; Protects and accelerates the recovery of in any way compromised skin.

    I have tried so many products on the market like Burts Bee Blemish Stick, ZapZit and other products but nothing has natural ingredients ¬†like Kolkhuri…

    **We are giving 10 of these away so if you want to try it, just leave me a message here and we will ship it out to you!

    ¬†Based on the millenium old¬†natural herbal remedies, enriched with natural plant extracts and essential oils, the multi-purpose skin ointment Kolkhuri‚ĄĘ provides the most effective protection and healing for various skin problems. Its universal and versatile spectrum of effects is determined not by synthesized chemicals, which it does NOT contain, but by the¬†natural plant extracts and essential oils¬†that are known for various virtues.

    Getting rid of occasional pimples, as well as persistent pimples of any severity, can be very easy with Universal Skin OintmentKolkhuri‚ĄĘ. The ointment can be useful for¬†severe Acne¬†cases too. While some Acne cases can’t be fully treated with any skin remedy unless the underlying¬†causes¬†are addressed,¬†Kolkhuri‚ĄĘ¬†does the best job of getting rid of every individual acne papule (pimple) for most of Acne cases. If applied persistently and regularly, the ointment¬†gets rid of acne¬†papules in several days: it may be the best treatment currently available, alongside¬†Tea Tree Oil¬†and Aloe Vera.

    Suggested use for Pimples and Acne:

    It is recommended to apply a thicker layer of the ointment on each pustule (papule) just before going to bed. You do not have to massage, and the areas do not have to be covered. In the morning, wash the areas thoroughly and, if daily activities allow it, apply thin layers of the ointment to the same places. The effect can be quite amazing. ¬†In severe cases of Acne Vulgaris more persistent¬†application of the ointment¬†may be required – in combination with the usual hygiene measures recommended in the case of Acne. As for the other alternative medicine remedies, such as tea tree oil, Kolkhuri‚ĄĘ can be considered minimum as a supplemental treatment, if not a¬†better substitute for tea tree oil.