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    Happy Birthday Yvonne!!

    Hey Everyone!

    Just wanted to send a big shout out and love to Miss Yvonne Kai one of the founders of heydoyou. She’s such an inspiration and probably doesn’t sleep because she is always working so hard. She’s amazing and beautiful too 🙂

    Happy Birthday!!


    the HEY DO YOU FAM!!

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    Long overdue… for Miss Kai

    ha ha ha

    I know I know I know, these pictures are way over due but my schedule’s been sooo hectic, so here they are.
    Yvonne, it’s always a pleasure my love! For all of you that didn’t come to wish this lovely lady farewell all I can say is that you missed out on fun times, and TONS of interesting conversation… did I mention you missed out on TONS of “I wish I could tweet that!” moments. Ha ha ha
    I miss you girl, and I hope you’re doing GREAT!


    my too salty dessert… ah well the wine was great!

    You should follow @heydoyou cause she’s keeping you cute, updated on what’s clever and connecting people like errdayyy!