• My Dog Jacob

    Hiking with Your Pup

    There are a few things I am getting really excited for this summer and one of them is hiking with Jacob!  Jacob loves going on walks in the city and to parks but when we are hiking all his senses come alive and he is truly ANIMAL!

    A few things I got to prepare me for the summer hiking season…

    1: Doggy Backpack

    2: Hiking Guide Book 

    3. Quaker 90 Calorie Granola Bars!

    The Trail Hound’s Handbook reinvents the hiking guidebook as a pet-focused, outdoor activity guide for kids and their families. With a lighthearted voice and a slew of fun facts, the format provides immediate pay-off to the curious hiking novice and dog-loving kid, as well as valuable, common sense skills to support a lifetime of outdoor adventure. Have you ever used a trekking pole on your hikes?

    Ellen Eastwood has a lifetime of dog loving under her belt. She believes most of her self-confidence as a teenager was gained on the trail and from her loving family dog. It’s no surprise then, that Ellen was led to create The Trail Hound’s Handbook. Having earned a journalism degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Ellen has more than 15 years of advertising and newsletter copywriting and design experience. Years in the classroom with preschool and school-age children, and her current position as mother of four (two children, two dogs) further prepared her for writing this book.

    Ellen and her pack currently reside in Westlake Village, California, surrounded by the rugged Santa Monica Mountains. When she’s not outside with her dogs, Ellen is volunteering at her kids’ schools, working on her new website, KidsHikeDogsHike.com, or playing basketball in a local women’s league.

    The Trail Hound’s Handbook

    Your Family Guide to Hiking with Dogs

    By Ellen Eastwood