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    Stemple Creek Ranch – 4th Gen Family Ranch raising 100% Grass-Fed & Finished Beef, Lamb & Pastured Pork.

    Stemple Creek Ranch knows the importance of family time and brings folks together for a quality meal during holiday gatherings. The family-owned brand is leading the way in regenerative agriculture while offering premium meats often served in Michelin star restaurants. Families nationwide can enjoy these delicious offerings delivered right to their doorsteps for them to easily prepare on their own. A fourth-generation farmer, Loren Poncia runs the farm with his wife, Lisa. They are strong believers that grass-fed and grass-finished animals make the best selections for their customers. The farm is located in Marin County in Northern California. The beef, lamb, and pork are raised on organic pastures and all animals are treated with respect and care.

    Honesty, transparency, and quality are cornerstones of Stemple Creek Ranch fourth generation family ranch. They work in sync with Mother Nature, and are committed to progressive carbon farming practices that fight climate change and enhance our ecosystems.

    Dry-Aged Beef Ribeye Steak (Bone-In)

    Stemple Creek Ranch has a very limited supply of their dry-aged bone-in ribeye steaks currently available. Each steak has been dry-aged for 28-days. Dry-aging allows more moisture to be removed from the meat creating a richer, more tender and flavorful steak.

    Sizes: 14oz / 16oz / 20oz / 22oz

    Beef New York Strip Steak

    Stemple Creek Ranch 100% grass-fed New York strip steak is a go-to for any steak grilling occasion. Just coat with course sea salt, cracked pepper and a little oil and dinner is ready!

    Size: 12 oz.

    Bulk Hamburger Patty Box

    Stemple Creek Ranch 100% grass-fed and grass-finished ground beef patties are a huge hit year around and one of their biggest sellers. If you can’t make it to Zuni Cafe in San Francisco for one of the epic burgers, then this box is for you! Stock your freezers now!

    Plus…this box includes 1 FREE pack of Stemple Creek Ranch Smoked Bacon!

    What Do I Get?

    • Option 1: 12 lbs. 1/2-Pound Beef Patties (1 lb. packages) + 1 FREE Pack of Smoked Bacon
    • Option 2: 12 lbs. 1/3-Pound Beef Patties (1 lb. packages) + 1 FREE Pack of Smoked Bacon
    • Option 3: 12 lbs. 1/4-Pound Beef Patties (1 lb. packages) + 1 FREE Pack of Smoked Bacon

    Rack of Lamb (Bone-In)

    Stemple Creek Ranch 100% grass-fed and grass-finished cap on rack of lamb is the most tender cut of lamb that they sell! Just add salt, pepper, olive oil and any other spices (rosemary, fennel, parsley, oregano) and it’s ready for the grill or oven. These lollipops will go fast at any dinner table so make sure you order enough of them!

    Size: CAP ON 8-Bone Rack (3.5 lbs)

    Jerky Trio Box

    Try each of Stemple Creek Ranch 100% grass fed and grass finished jerky packs in this bundle of all three flavors. In this box you will receive 4 packages of Salt & Pepper Jerky, 4 packages Sweet & Spicy Jerky, and 4 packages of Teriyaki Jerky.

    Salt & Pepper is a lightly seasoned, artisanal dry-style jerky is made with just four simple ingredients and no preservatives or artificial flavorings. This is original beef jerky — dryer and tougher-to-chew style for those looking seeking pure protein and no sugar! Gluten and sugar-free, this healthy high protein snack is Paleo & Keto friendly too.

    Salt and Pepper Jerky Ingredients: Beef, Water, Salt, Pepper, Vinegar.

    Sweet and Spicy is a “wet-style” with sweet-hot notes of brown sugar & jalapeno/cayenne spice that will keep you coming back for more! Softer in texture than Stemple Creek Ranch original Salt & Pepper Beef Jerky, it’s made in small batches using real ingredients with no preservatives or artificial flavorings. It’s a gluten-free snack you’ll take everywhere you go!

    Sweet and Spicy Jerky Ingredients: Beef, Gluten Free Reduced Sodium Tamari Soy Sauce, Brown Sugar, Cayenne Pepper Sauce, Lemon Juice, Black Pepper, Granulated Garlic, Jalapeno Powder. Contains: Soy

    Teriyaki is a “wet-style” with savory umami notes of brown sugar, garlic, and Tamari soy sauce. Softer in texture than the original Salt & Pepper Beef Jerky, it’s made in small batches using real ingredients with no preservatives or artificial flavorings. It’s your new favorite grab ‘n go gluten-free snack!

    Teriyaki Jerky Ingredients: Beef, Gluten Free Reduced Sodium Tamari Soy Sauce, Brown Sugar, Lemon Juice, Black Pepper, Granulated Garlic. Contains: Soy.

    Sizing for each: 3 oz.

    What Do I Get?

    • 4 packs of Salt & Pepper Beef Jerky (3 oz.)
    • 4 packs of Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky (3 oz.)
    • 4 packs of Teriyaki Beef Jerky (3 oz.)

    Pork Andouille Sausages

    Stemple Creek Ranchpartnered with Golden Gate Meat Company in Richmond, CA to help to make these NEW Pasture Raised Pork Andouille sausages….WITH BACON! They come in packs of four sausages and are an easy protein addition to any meal or mix of appetizers. They are flavorful, juicy, and have a little bit of a kick to them that folks love.

    Ingredients: Stemple Creek Ranch pork shoulder, Applewood smoked bacon, water, sea salt, turbinado spice, paprika. Pork casing.

    Size Options:

    OPTION 1 : .6 lbs. (2 sausages per pack)

    OPTION 2: 1.25 lbs. (4 sausages per pack)

    About Stemple Creek Ranch:

    Nestled in the coastal hills of Northern California near the town of Tomales, Stemple Creek Ranch has been home to the Poncia family for four generations.

    Their history in Marin County began over a century ago when Angelo Poncia immigrated to the remote outpost of Fallon from his native Italy. The dairy he originally established on this land survived for three successive generations.

    Today, Stemple Creek Ranch is proudly run by Angelo’s great-grandson Loren, and his wife Lisa, who have reinvented the family business with a vision for raising superior quality grass fed and finished meats. Their daughters Avery and Julianna, along with their cousins, will be the fifth generation to steward the land.

    Most of Stemple Creek Ranch pastureland is Certified Organic, and their free range beef and lamb are 100% grass fed and grass finished. Stemple Creek Ranch rotationally graze their stock on open pasture from birth to harvest. The animals are never supplemented with grains, corn, or soy, and never receive artificial hormones, growth promotants, or antibiotics. Their pigs are humanely raised in large outdoor pens where they enjoy a vegetarian diet with plenty of room to socialize and express natural behaviors.

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    A Yummy Healthy Snacks On Your Holiday Food List – Baja Jerky

    Why eat Baja Jerky? 3 words–Fresh. Flavorful. Exciting.

    Baja Jerky is the World’s Most Flavorful Jerky!

    Here are all their flavorful flavors:

    Baja Jerky’s Top Seller is hands down

    Salsa Fresca
    – Fresh, Vibrant, Cool!

    Baja Jerky’s other flavors include:

    • Traditional – Smoky, Smooth with a Smile!
    • Lime & Serrano – Light Tangy Heat with a Zest!

    And if you like sweet, Baja Jerky got you covered

    • Sweet Orange – Sweet, Citrus, Tender with a Yum!
    • Churro – Sweet, Cinnamon, with a Sugar Sprinkle

    All Natural, Protein Packed and Full of Flavor!

    Baja Jerky ranges from 8-11g of protein per ounce.

    Their beef is ALL NATURAL

    • Minimally processed
    • No artificial ingredients
    • No added hormones

    Their jerky is made with the best ingredients!

    • No added preservatives
    • No nitrites or nitrates added
    • No MSG
    • Gluten free!

    I am just so happy that they have two sweet flavors! The sweet beef jerky is not strange at all, the sweetness is not overwhelming, it is perfect for a sweet tooth to get energy from beef jerky! It is also the first time for me to fall in love with beef jerky which is never happened before. Now when I know I will be out for the entire day, I throw a Baja Jerky into my everyday bag for a protein-rich snack.

    I packed two bags of beef jerky for my workday lunch, it was so yummy and made me very full. My whole afternoon’s energy all comes from these two bags of beef jerky, which are full of protein. Now you can get 20% off if you purchase with the code of BajaHeydoyou20.

    About Baja Jerky:

    Local company, launched in San Diego in August 2019.

    Baja Jerky are in over 100 stores in San Diego and Imperial County, and just launched in all 7 Eleven Hawaii stores at the end of October! Baja Jerky is also available on our website bajajerky.com where you can order any flavor in each of our sizes.

    Not only are they the WORLD’S MOST FLAVORFUL, but also the healthiest on the market!

    Tender, Best cut, Sodium is 1/5 of other jerkies

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    Quick and Easy Meal Prep – Every Day, Holiday, or Entertaining!

    Preparing a full holiday meal for all family members, that is a real headache. No matter how fun the holiday is, no one want to deal with a difficult cooking work. Moms, no worries, here comes the solution for you, make your cooking easier, tastier and fun!

    You can cook all of these with Mad Dash Mixes!

    With nearly one in three Americans reporting that they feel overly stressed during the holidays, adding complicated, time-consuming meal planning and preparation to the list is the last thing they want or need. Mad Dash Mixes scratches this worry from the already frenzied holiday agenda. The company’s lineup of soup, dessert, dip, meat seasoning and pasta salad mixes helps holiday hosts and hostesses whip up festive party dishes quickly and easily.

    On December 21, 2017, the “New York Post” reported, “According to new research, 31 percent of Americans describe the holiday season as ‘frantic’.” Among the top five most stressful parts of the holidays is cooking, with 36 percent of respondents singling it out as a primary contributor. What’s more, “The pressure to have a ‘perfect Christmas’ also takes its toll on 41 percent of Americans, who confess to working ‘too hard’ to achieve it.” The anxiety builds throughout the month of December, but “the turning point from mild to severe stress comes on December 18.”

    As the mad dash reaches its peak, Mad Dash Mixes comes to the rescue with a line of quick and easy food mix-ins. Holiday favorites like Chili, Tortilla Soup, and Cranberry Pasta Salad are all on the Mad Dash Mixes menu. Also making a return for the holidays is Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake. With a few simple ingredients, this no bake stir-in produces an impressive holiday dessert in just minutes.

    For those holiday hosts and hostesses who insist on going out of their way with a traditional homecooked meal, Mad Dash Mixes’ wide variety of dip mixes keep guests’ hunger at bay while they wait. Spinach Artichoke and Zesty Crab are just two of the taste-tempting options.

    Leading up to the holidays, getting a healthy meal on the table for the family can also be an issue. Mad Dash Mixes makes it doable with Fajita Seasoning, Texas BBQ and Chili. Just add grilled or ground meat and veggies, and voila: a tasty dinner option that won’t add any stress – or excessive calories. For the food sensitive, the company even offers gluten-friendly options like Cheesy Chicken Enchilada and Creamy Corn Chowder.

    Mad Dash Mixes are available for purchase at vintage shows across the country, in select stores throughout the South and Midwest, and online at the company’s website.

    Stressed holiday planners who want to scratch one big to-do off their overbooked list can learn more about Mad Dash Mixes’ line of quick and easy food-making options online at https://maddashmixes.com/.

    About Mad Dash Mixes

    A family-run food business, Mad Dash Mixes operates under the belief that homecooked meals are wonderful but the time involved in preparing them is not. To that end, the company hand-blends all its Mad Dash Mixes in a commercial kitchen in Cleburne, Texas. Mad DashMixes offers delicious packaged spice mixes that are designed to take the hard work out of family meal time. From dips to desserts to sides, soups and meat seasonings, Mad Dash Mixes are fast, easy and expectation exceeding. For more information, please visit https://maddashmixes.com/.