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    SuperThings: Rivals of Kaboom are now available on Amazon and will make a huge boom in North America.

    BOOM! WHOOSH! POW! Discover over 80 characters with SuperThings!

    These powerful collectibles have taken over Kaboom City! Kick start your collection with the Series 1 comic book that tells the story of Kaboom City.

    SuperThings Series 1
    – Starter Pack by Goliath – Contains 3 Characters, 1 Comic Guide & 1 Metal Hideout

    Each superhero has a rival villain, and they all live in secret hideouts, drive awesome SuperCars and have incredible superpowers for taking on their rivals. The Starter Pack includes 1 Comic Guide, 1 Metal Hideout and 3 SuperThings.

    • SuperThings are powerful Collectibles that have taken over kaboom city
    • Read THE story of kaboom city in the enclosed comic guide!
    • Discover over 80 characters to collect with corresponding Superheroes and villains
    • Includes 3 SuperThings, 1 comic guide, and 1 metal hideout
    • Recommended for ages 5 and up

    SuperThings spark your imagination!

    SuperThings are everyday objects that have been transformed into SuperHeroes and SuperVillains. Watch kids’ imaginations come to life as they interact with these rivals of Kaboom City and build their teams. Great for boys and girls!

    Blind Bag Contents

    This blind bag contains 1 SuperThing and 1 Checklist. Will you find the limited edition Enigma character?

    SuperHeroes vs. SuperVillains

    As you add to your collection, try to find the corresponding SuperHero and SuperVillain rivals, like Mr. C and Jack the Juicer!

    Over 80 characters to collect!

    Each character is part of a team of SuperHeroes or SuperVillains, like Central Patrol or the Mutant Bandits. Will you get one of the rare silver or super rare gold SuperThings for your teams?

    Hideouts add to the fun

    Expand on Kaboom City, and add creativity to your play with Hideouts, SuperCars and Kaboom Traps for your SuperThings!

    SuperThings Series 1 Collection

    The collection includes one and two piece blind bags, a starter pack, blister packs with 4 or 10 SuperThings, Kaboom Traps, as well as 8 SuperCars and 8 Hideouts. Mix and match to create your own Kaboom City!

    SuperThings Series 1
    – Kaboom Trap Cdu by Goliath – Each Cdu Contains 6 Kaboom Traps (Colors May Vary)
    – Each Kaboom Trap Contains 2 Exclusive Characters

    Discover over 80 characters with SuperThings! These powerful collectibles have taken over Kaboom City! Each superhero has a rival villain, and they all live in secret hideouts, drive awesome SuperCars and have incredible superpowers for taking on their rivals. This CDU features Series 1 and contains 6 Kaboom Traps. Each Trap contains 2 Exclusive SuperThings.

    • SuperThings are powerful Collectibles that have taken over kaboom city!
    • Cdu contains 6 kaboom traps (colors may vary) – each kaboom trap contains 2 exclusive SuperThings
    • Discover over 80 characters to collect
    • Find the corresponding Superheroes and villains
    • Recommended for ages 5 and up

    Contents and Quantities

    This CDU features Series 1 and contains 6 Kaboom Traps. Each Kaboom Trap contains 2 Exclusive SuperThings. Will you find the limited edition Enigma character in your Kaboom Traps?

    Expand your collection!

    In addition to the Kaboom Traps, SuperThings Series 1 also has 8 SuperCars and 8 Hideouts to expand your play, as well as over 80 characters to collect with corresponding SuperHeroes and SuperVillains.

    About Goliath Games

    Goliath Games has been dedicated to creating toys and games that inspire young minds and adults alike to reach beyond their imagination. As one of the few remaining family-owned toy companies, Goliath truly understands the importance of quality family time and bringing people together.

    Since 1980, Goliath has applied its slogan “Clever Together!” to every aspect of its company culture. Furthermore, Goliath Games is devoted to creating innovative products that reinforce child development, critical thinking, social skills, and curiosity.

    Its iconic consumer brands range from Rummikub®, Tri-Ominos®, Wordsearch™, Pop the Pig®, Doggie Doo™, Gooey Looey™, Catch the Fox™, and many more. Goliath is active in many other toy categories, such as puzzles, arts & crafts, outdoor, activity, and novelties. These timeless classics span generations, inspire limitless play, and encourage children to explore the world around them.

    About MagicBox 
    David Bella Martorell founded Magic Box Int Toys S.L.U. in 1993 and was the first company to launch caps in Europe, Mad Caps in 1994. Their next big hit was the next year with Gogo’s Crazy Bones. SUPERZINGS has launched in Europe and will launch in the US during the fourth quarter of 2019. Other popular properties include Bungees, Crazy Stoppers, Shoot Out, Star Monsters, Zomlings and MojiPops.

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    The Lifestyle Brand for the Ocean-Minded

    How Ocean & Co. is Saving Our Seas in Style

    Sea turtles, rolling waves, ocean breezes … there are about a million things to love about the ocean. Now there’s a new way to show your passion for this magnificent place. Every time you wear or use one of Ocean & Co.’s stylish, fun pieces you’re helping save our seas!

    This trendy, beach lifestyle brand features adorable ocean-inspired jewelry, clothing and accessories that make a statement and make great gifts. From stainless steel straws (reusable so they don’t wind up as trash that can kill sea animals) to their Love Sea Turtles tee, 10% of all the profits go to organizations that help preserve and protect the ocean.

    Ocean & Co. is on a mission to make a difference and inspire a community of like-minded others to do the same, one eco-friendly, stylish, sustainable product at a time. Soak up those good beachy vibes and do some good while you look good too, the ocean will thank you!

    Products You’ll Love by Ocean & Co.:

    Wave Ring – this simple, beautiful ring showcases the pristine and constant lines of the ocean’s surf. The waves of the ring serve as a continual reminder of the oceans’ eternal beauty and the surf’s everlasting rhythm.

    Sea Turtle Bracelet Stack – These bracelets go so well together it’s hard to choose… and now you don’t have to! Get 3 stackable bracelets for $35 and wear them proudly, knowing a portion of your purchase goes to helping sea turtles and the underwater world they live in.

    Sea Turtle Tumbler – Sea green tumbler features your favorite sea creature. Keeps your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold. Comes with a lid bearing a hole just the perfect size for Ocean & Co.’s genius stainless steel straws (see below). Sweat free.

    Stainless Steel Straws – Save the Ocean one drink at a time with these amazing Stainless Steel Drinking Straws. Each pack comes complete with an Ocean & Co Travel Bag, 2 stainless straws and a cleaner brush.

    About Ocean & Co.:

    Ocean & Co. Founder and CEO Gerard Ecker grew up with a love and respect for the ocean, so much so that one of his first summer jobs was as a sailing instructor. Over the years, he became increasingly concerned with the growing problem of ocean pollution. That led him to found Ocean & Co . in 2018 as a way to offer people stylish products while raising awareness about ocean conservation, promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle and effecting change to help save our seas.

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    The company name ROMA means love – Give Poverty the Boot.

    After spending years working at Neiman Marcus, Romanian-born Samuel Bistrian wanted to take his passion for quality and customer service a step further by giving back to people in need. Growing up extremely poor, he realized how big the impact of rain boots are in a child’s life in poverty-stricken countries and from that, his business model for ROMA Boots was created and the company’s tagline “Giving Poverty the Boot” was born. After almost a decade, ROMA Boots is fulfilling their commitment by providing aid, creating a culture of empowerment for those living in poverty and educating children to contribute their gifts and talents to society. The company name ROMA means love.

    On April 3, 2010, despite being in the middle of an economic recession, Samuel Bistrian started ROMA Boots, the company that merges fashion with philanthropy to ‘Give Poverty the Boot.’ After spending years working at Neiman Marcus, Bistrian developed a passion for quality and customer service and wanted to take that a step further by giving back to people in need. Growing up extremely poor, he realized how big the impact of rain boots are in a child’s life in poverty-stricken countries and from that, his business model was created.

    “I never considered myself a businessman or even an entrepreneur. Even when I wanted to leave Neiman Marcus to start ROMA, some of my superiors told me that it was a poor decision, and to some degree they were right. I did not have much of a plan as the country was in a recession. I had $5,000 in my bank account, significant credit card debt and student loans, but over all of that, I had passion,” explained Samuel Bistrian, Founder and CEO of ROMA Boots.

    With the mission of bringing impoverished children throughout the world hope, love, and lasting change through aid and education, for every pair of boots sold, a new pair is donated to a child in need. ROMA’s ultimate goal is not only to provide aid but to educate. By doing so ROMA is empowering impoverished children around the world to break out of the cycle of poverty and contribute their gifts and talents to society.

    “Having grown up so poor, ‘Giving poverty the boot’ was everything I always wanted to do, to help those less fortunate just like someone once helped me. But I knew from the start that without love as the foundation, all of my good intentions will result in disappointment,” told Bistrian.

    After the first few years of launching, ROMA was a success but he wanted to expand. Finding the solution that any logical businessman would, he borrowed money and took on investors. While things seemed to be off without a hitch, there were downsides that came from this.

    “All the pressures of growing a business can cause one to lose their purpose and you no longer have that same passion to help those in poverty when you can’t pay your own bills and you have partners putting enormous pressure on you,” Bistrian expressed.

    It took a family crisis to put things back in perspective to help him rediscover his purpose; helping those who can’t help themselves. Hitting rock bottom was the motivator for Bistrian to take back the company that was once all his. Over the course of 9 months, he was able to buy out his investors and today, Samuel Bistrian is returning to his roots as the sole owner of ROMA Boots, running a successful business, giving back and doing what he loves.

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    ClearUP Is Available Over-The-Counter To Treat Allergy-Related Sinus Pain

    We are always looking forward to the holidays. One of the reasons, I know, is to receive so many gifts. A lot of times, we get so many gifts never can be used, because we don’t really need some of them. I think it is very important to gift something people really need, especially for their health. Last year, I gave my husband a blood-pressure monitor machine, which he loves very much. I know he needs it and he knows I care about him. This year, we want to introduce youva Allergy-Related Sinus Pain Relief device, it is Clearup.

    Congestion, pain, and pressure are common symptoms of rhinitis and rhinosinusitis. These symptoms are caused by mucosal inflammation, venous engorgement, increased nasal secretions, edema, and hypersensitivity of sensory perception. Inflammatory and neurogenic mediators are key drivers of vasodilation leading to edema and swelling of the nasal mucosa and subsequent reduction in nasal airflow and increases in pain and pressure. Tivic Health’s ClearUP™ Sinus Pain Relief (ClearUP™) device delivers a pulsed electrical current to the skin near the nose and paranasal sinuses. When a decrease in impedance is detected by the device, a vibration prompts the user to hold the device in place for treatment.

    Allergy relief can be found at home with Tivic Health’s game-changing ClearUP Sinus Pain Relief device. The state-of-the-art, handheld tool is available without a prescription and is FDA-cleared to treat sinus pain due to allergic rhinitis. With a one-control button, allergy sufferers can relieve sinus pain in one five-minute treatment. ClearUP is available online at BestBuy.com now and will be shortly at CVS.com and Walgreens.com.

    The multi-billion-dollar US sinus care category is filled with over-the-counter drugs, RX pills and nose sprays. ClearUP is poised to disrupt the treatment of sinus pain due to allergies, a symptom for which there are no good solutions on the market. It is the only solution that uses gentle microcurrent waveforms to reduce allergy-related sinus pain for the 40-60 million Americans suffering from allergic rhinitis. ClearUP is an example of bioelectronic medicine, an emerging form of drug free, non-invasive medicine that uses low-level electrical stimulation, or neuromodulation, to treat chronic conditions. Available now over-the-counter and without a prescription, ClearUP is simple to use at home or on the go.

    To use simply glide ClearUP along the cheek, side of the nose and under the brow bone. During a treatment, the device guides the user to the optimal treatment points with a light and vibration system and delivers a proprietary microcurrent waveform that stimulates sinus nerve fibers under the skin. A single treatment takes five minutes and the relief lasts up to six hours. Low-level electrical stimulation of the sinus nerve fibers has been shown to alleviate pain and pressure sensations and result in smaller blood vessel diameter and reduced edema (swelling).

    ClearUP is clinically proven and FDA cleared, so it’s safe and effective. A double-blind, randomized, sham-controlled study showed 74 percent of users experienced sinus pain relief after one five-minute treatment and four out of five preferred it to their current treatment.

    About Tivic Health Systems Inc.

    Tivic Health Systems Inc. is a bioelectronic device company dedicated to developing microcurrent therapy solutions for chronic diseases and conditions. Founded in 2016, Tivic Health is part of a $6.2B global neuromodulation industry and is dedicated to harnessing the power of neuromodulation for home use products and empowering people to improve their health and quality of life. For more information, you can check www.tivichealth.com.