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    Dancing on my @Bombas Socks

    There are a few things I miss in the summer – Like sweatshirts, comfy socks and scarves!  I love being cozy and comfortable and with summer half over – I am actually looking forward to boot season! Call me crazy!  I recently came across the best socks ever. Bombas.


    The best engineered socks ever with a charity aspect too! – Get a Pair, Donate a Pair!

    The Sock-Tech:

    • Blister Tab – A tiny ankle cushion to prevent painful rubbing and chafing
    • Invisitoe – A hand linked toe seam to eliminate that annoying bump on the toes
    • HoneyComb Support System – Extra support in the arch where you need it most
    • Performance Footbed – Reinforced for comfort, not overwhelmingly thick
    • Y-Stitched Heel – The Y shape creates a natural cup around your heel
    • Long Staple Pima Cotton – Warm in the winter, cool in the summer, always soft
    • Better World – One Pair Purchased = One Pair Donated


    It is time to upgrade your sock closet!  They come in Mens, Womens and Kids. They have the perfect amount to stretch, a little cushion for the heel on the ankle ones and a bit of tension right around the arch of your foot. So awesome for all day wear and all the fun colors!

    The word Bombas is derived from the Latin word for bumblebee.
    Bees work together to make the hive a better place. We like that.
    When we say Bee Better, we mean it as a mantra, a way of approaching every day.
    It’s stitched into the inside of every pair of Bombas for a reason.
    It’s a reminder to push yourself harder to be better at your athletic pursuits.
    A reminder that these socks are engineered and designed with thought to bee better.
    A reminder that you helped someone in need with your purchase.
    And a reminder that we’re all connected and little improvements can
    add up to make a big difference.

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    @sweetbeemagic for mama

    Help mom celebrate Mother’s Day this May with everything she needs to maintain healthy, vibrantly alive and beautiful skin. For the entire month of May, Medicine Mama’s Apothecary is offering a Mother’s Day gift set for $49.95 (a $65.00 value).

    Use the promo code:  MothersDay at checkout for an additional 10% off your entire order through Mother’s Day itself.

    The gift set includes the Baby & Mama, Bee Magic Wand and V Magic, each of which are designed to bring out the naturally powerful health benefits of its ingredients. These include:

    • Honey: a gentle anti-septic and anti-bacterial ingredient
    • Propolis: the most biologically active tree resin with health benefits dating back centuries
    • Bee Pollen: nature’s multi-vitamin that stimulates cell renewal when used externally
    • Royal Jelly: containing gelatin, a catalyst for collagen production and a natural antibiotic
    • Beeswax: containing anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic and germicidal properties to keep skin healthy and strong


    Orders can be placed online here. For more information, please visit the Medicine Mama’s Apothecary Website and Facebook page.

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    Sexy is… Sassy as… Sweet like… Honey

    I've been keeping this in heavy rotation especially #4 "Gimme A Minute" #5 "Spontaneous"

    Honey LaRochelle is one of my favorite soul singers in the WORLD! Her range is mind-blowing, from low and raspy to a crisp soprano, she can move you from tears, straight to the dance floor. She did just that this past Wednesday, September 21st, at The Soulcial in Miami’s Midtown. Honey promoted her long-awaited mix-tape and the title speaks volumes. “Clean Lust and Dirty Laundry” brings a new sound from her inaugural collaboration with the eclectic Macy Gray. Honey speaks life to love, trials, intimacy, and does it all to a sexy beat. Born in Vancouver, The Canadian cutie has been dubbed “The Urban Honey Bee”.

    I had the honor of meeting the soulful singer, sensational songwriter, and prolific producer and she is indeed an amazing artist. She is one of the most sought after vocalist of her time. Honey has worked and toured the world with a number of solo artists and groups, including Jennifer Hudson, Joss Stone, Laura Izibor, Roberta Flack, and The Brand New Heavies. Honey is clearly growing into her own sound. After hearing her live, you have no choice, but to want to take her home. Hold on tight and get ready to experience “Flight of the Honey B”

    Site: www.honeylarochelle.com

    Preview her album: http://honeylarochelle.bandcamp.com/

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/honeyLarochelle

    Myself, Honey, and my friend Lauren after Honey's acoustic set in Midtown Miami
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    Vicks Nature Fusion

    Yesterday after a crazy, extended birthday weekend, I woke up with the dreaded scratchy throat and stuffy nose.  I could not believe I was getting a cold–in the summer, no less!  First of all, it’s basically unheard of for me to get sick at all, and second, I have way too much going on this week to be sick. How could this be?  Well, no time for moping…

    I was fortunate to have a stash of medicine on standby from the Vicks Nature Fusion product launch I went to back in August.  I had been planning to tell you all about the new product line closer to cold and flu season, but in an unforeseen change of events I’ve found myself in the position of product reviewer!

    The Nature Fusion line is gluten free, dye free, and contains real honey!!  It comes in liquid and capsule form.  I’ve been taking the Nature Fusion Cold & Flu capsules and I was delighted by the delicious taste.  Let’s face it–no one likes to take pills, but these tasted like they were literally dipped in honey!! I also have the Nature Fusion Cough & Chest Congestion liquid medicine on hand and I can’t imagine how yummy and comforting that tastes, but I don’t have a cough and I hope that I won’t need to taste it!! 🙂

    Of course taste doesn’t mean anything if you don’t get relief from your symptoms–but I must say, Vicks did the job.  I slept through the night (thanks to Vicks NyQuil Cold & Flu), and I’ve been doing well so far today (back on the Nature Fusion capsules).



    Check out the entire product lineup.


    kisses, Olisa








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    Honey, You’re Amazing

    For the last few weeks, I’ve been stressing so much dealing I haven’t really had time to take care of myself. In the last two weeks I’ve lost my voice twice and I’ll admit my skin hasn’t been looking very good. I’ve been drinking lots and lots of tea especially with this cold weather… tea and honey! That’s when I got the idea I had to do a post about honey. Honey can be used in much more than your cup of tea or your food, it actually has healing powers.

    Honey is really well known for fighting infections and bacteria and for its anti-inflammatory qualities. Way back in the day, honey was even used to put over battle wounds disinfect and prevent infections. When digested, the vitamins and minerals in honey can help disappate the bad cholesterol in your body and clean out the germs floating in your system because honey is absorbed into the bloodstream. Honey is also great for keeping your hair shiny, helping with dry skin, clearing up acne, and even as lip balm.

    I’ve always done honey hair and face masks growing up so here are a few quick simple tricks you can use with that good old honey bear you have laying around your pantry.

    Honey Face Mask: After a long hot shower (and your pores are steamed open,)  slather a generous, even coat of  honey on your face (avoiding the eye area) and leave it on for 10 minutes. The honey thickness of the honey pulls off all the excess dirt and oils lodged in your pores. The antioxidants in the honey will help clear up blemishes on your skin and the wax in the honey will leave your skin smooth and glowing.

    Honey and Olive Oil Hair Mask: With all the products we use in our hair to smooth it out, poof it up, curl it, wave it, etc., our hair is damaged goods. I’ve tried using store bought hair masks and conditioners but honey is the only thing that can give your hair natural sheen because it locks in moisture to your hair.  All you need is half a cup of honey and between 2 tbsp. to 1/4 of a cup of olive oil depending on how thick and how dry your hair is. Mix it together and put it on your hair from root to tip. Leave it in for 30 minutes or even overnight then rinse and shampoo. Be careful not to put too much olive oil in the mix or your hair might turn out greasy even after you shampoo it out (from experience, believe me.) If you have it, I’d even suggest using  jojoba oil, almond, avocado, rosemary essential oil, wheat germ oil, or shea oil. All of these oils are natural humectants which will help give your hair that shine and moisture it needs.

    Honey and Cinnamon Spot Treatment: Try this one out if you have acne or problems with blemishes. Mix a tablespoon of honey and two teaspoons of cinnamon together into a paste. You can use this mixture as a mask or as a spot treatment. I recommend as a spot treatment a few times a week so you don’t experience any burning or irritation as this cinnamon can be harsh especially for sensitive skin. This is a great, cheap at home remedy for blemishes and best of all, it’ll keep in a resealable container for about 2 months.

    Honey Lip Balm: Just smear some honey on while you’re at home watching tv or running errands. The honey will disinfect your lips and help with cracked dry lips. Honey will help seal in moisture and it also tastes good so you don’t have to worry about licking it off. Not to mention the honey sheen could double as a gloss (depending if you’re a fan of the sticky gloss or not.)

    Honey Mouthwash: This is really weird, I know. I heard about this trick a while ago. Mix honey with warm water and gargle. The honey will kill germs in your mouth and leaves your mouth with a sweet taste. I actually think this would be a good trick to use right before you go on a date or you see your significant other because its not as strong of a smell and not as obvious as minty mouthwash. Actually, I wonder if this would be a good trick to add to the weight loss thing… got the taste of honey in your mouth so there goes your sweet tooth 🙂

    Try ’em out 🙂


    xo, June 🙂