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    In the Biz: Nicole Arbour

    Tell us, what do you do, who you are: I’m Nicole Arbour! How are ya! Basically, I’m the cheer captain, super hero of team universe and I’m here to save the world from boring! But most people know me as, “The World’s Sexiest Comedian,” Beyond my world of funny, get excited, because I’m also an MC aka Rapper, and my musical dance potions are heading your way soon! City you live in: Toronto If there was a theme song in your life, it would be: All-Star- Smash Mouth, but my tracks “Go Team,” and “Fun Revolution,” coming out later this year are my REAL theme songs, and I hope they turn…

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    In the Biz – David Klein

    You may not know his name but you sure know his products! Most entrepreneurs would be thrilled to create a product that generates millions of dollars and garners national media attention. My guest, The Candy Man David Klein, has done just that. He’s the inventor of Jelly Bellies, the sweet gelatin candy that changed the jelly bean market and got the endorsement of President Ronald Reagan. Ironically, Mr. Klein is not associated with the Jelly Belly Company and is not benefiting financially from its success. We’ll discuss how this and the film that tells his story in more detail. “Candy Man: The David Klein Story”. Mr. Klein currently operates another…

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    In the Biz – Doug Radi

    Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bakery breads has new gluten-free hamburger buns, hot dog rolls and pizza crusts, which are scheduled to hit shelves nationally in May. There are three bread varieties (original, multigrain or cinnamon raisin), our multigrain hamburger and hot dog buns or our pizza crusts. I got all of them!  I am so lucky to also get some advice from Doug Radi, Rudi’s VP of Marketing. City you live in:   GOLDEN, CO If there was a theme song in your life, it would be:   THE SOUND OF SUNSHINE BY MICHAEL FRANTI What is the best advice you can give to young entrepreneurs?   DEVELOP A STRATEGY AND STAY FOCUSED ON IT.…

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    In the Biz: Trudi Loren

    In the Biz with Trudi Loren Trudi is the ‘nose’ that is responsible for creating some of your favorite perfumes. She is currently the VP, Corporate Fragrance Development at The Estee Lauder Companies. Not only did she take the time to answer these questions for me but also for Yale’s paper on scent marketing. Trudi is gracious, beautiful and a true inspiration!  City you live in: Part time Manhattan and part time in New Jersey If there was a theme song in your life, it would be: as kitsch as it sounds “My Way”. I have been able to blend a career and family; live in Asia, Europe and the US and…

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    In the Biz: Neha Tuli

    I came across Ms Tuli on LinkedIn and was just fascinated with how she became a Senior Beauty Buyer! She was so gracious to share some of her incredible journey with us. It is always important to have someone inspirational guide you in your career. If you are interested in asking Neha any questions – feel free to leave it in the comments section! My name is Neha Tuli and I am the Senior Beauty Buyer for Beauty Story. Beauty Story is premiere site dedicated to private beauty sales and fabulous editorial content. Think of it as the Gilt Group for Beauty. It only showcases luxury beauty brands, spas and…

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    In the Biz: Eric Sakas

    It’s not everyday that you get the inside story. We had the opportunity to hear the story of Kevyn Aucoin through the words of his business and life partner. I am so happy that had my camera! Here are his words. Enjoy. follow @vapourbeauty