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    Giveaway: 4 Reasons to Say Bye to the 4

    Christmas is just around the corner and if you are asking for a new phone, you need good reason to get rid of what you already have. If you are lucky enough to get an iPhone 5 – let me tell you all about the cases that you simply must get to make 2014 totally epic. There is a difference :]

    1. myCharge Freedom 2000 – $79.99 – http://www.mycharge.com

    The Freedom 2000 keeps your iPhone 5 charged and protected. Twice as much battery life means twice as much emailing, texting, posting pictures, and playing games. This revolutionary, one-piece protective case easily pops on and off and features an exclusive built-in charging cable.  This case makes the most sense for someone like me who is always on social media!  Pick your favorite color, there are 5 glossy bright colors and 2 neutral in black or silver.  An additional 9 hours? Yes please!

    2. Make your own case on GetUncommon – $35  http://www.getuncommon.com

    I recently went to and event hosted by Covergirl and they created these adorable iPhone5 cases. You can create ones with your favorite photo, your pet, brands you like or of your own company or blog.  They are protective and also show a lot of personality. They are easy enough to be replaced seasonally to match your mood or outfit!

    3. iSkin Slims – $29.99 – http://www.iskin.com/iphone5/slims/

    Extremely thin and lightweight, slims for iPhone 5 redefines ultra-thin protection with complete 360 degree rear and front protection and an integrated screen shield. They are so fashionable for even the pickiest guy you know. So modern, so chic  with a minimalist feel. It comes in wood, camo and chevron.  This is a sure bet with the amazing price, the beautiful patterns and the thinness.

    4. Hard Candy HarvestCraft Slider Cases $39.95 – http://www.hardcandycases.com

    The HarvestCraft Slider hard case offers soft-touch texture and the protection of a rigid polycarbonate body. The best part about this case is that it has 3 different bottoms so you can switch up your look often. It comes in 9 different main shades with 3 changeable bottoms each. Another cool design feature is that the ‘flash ring’ around your camera is black to avoid glare.

    To win these cases, just tweet @heydoyou

    “I got an iPhone 5 for Christmas and I need the ___________ case”

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    Very Slim Cases by @iSkin


    iSkin, a premium brand of fashion and technology lifestyle accessories, announces the release of the slims case for the iPhone 5. Built with the most revolutionary design of its kind, the slims by iSkin boasts a composition width of 0.4mm, making it the thinnest case available for the iPhone 5. Using cutting edge technology, slims by iSkin delivers puncture- and scratch- resistant surface protection without bulk, nor sacrificing design.

    The slims for iPhone 5 is the thinnest case ever made in its category. It redefines ultra-thin protection with complete 360 degree rear and front protection and an integrated ultra-clear screen shield built right into the case. The case is easy to install and remove, providing durable and reusable protection. This amazingly thin case personalizes and protects the iPhone 5 with zero bulk.

    Formed from pure polycarbonate polymer, the slims for iPhone 5 utilizes an advanced manufacturing technology that results in a precisely fitting 0.4mm thin case. Despite its ultra thin design, the slims ‘hard plastic recipe’ resists scratches and prevents damage to the iPhone 5. An integrated anti-glare, bubble-free retina display screen protector keeps the device safe and sound from scratches while remaining touch sensitive and clear for optimal use. Non-toxic and hypoallergenic, the slim’s silicone composition resists moisture, heat and tearing and contains MicroBan® antimicrobial product protection.

    The slims for iPhone 5 is made with pure BPA-Free Polycarbonate, is non-conductive, causes no radio frequency interference and is highly flexible and durable. It has a re-applicable double-sided adhesive and the entire case is heat resistant up to 85˚C / 185˚F.

    The slims for iPhone 5 is available in camouflage, wood, and chevron and can be purchased for $34.99 USD at http://www.iskin.com/iphone5/slims/

    About iSkin Inc.

    iSkin Inc. has been one of the world’s most trusted mobile accessory brands since its first advanced protective solution for the iPod® in 2002. Known for its cool, innovative designs and fashion-forward style, iSkin continues to be the leading mobile accessory brand. iSkin continues to focus on delivering the highest quality, innovative design and fashion-forward style in accessories for Apple®, BlackBerry® and now Samsung®.

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