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    Travel with My Travel Journal

    Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Whether you do it for pleasure or business, there’s no denying that part of the joy of traveling is thinking back on your memories. Travel journals are a great way to not only plan your trip, but look back on your memories with.

    With summer around the corner, I’d like to introduce you a lovely book which you want to pack in your traveling bag –  MY TRAVEL JOURNAL, launching in May from Quiet Fox Designs. Part trip planner and part travel journal, this traveling companion includes a day-by-day log that prompts you to preserve your most memorable experiences.

    My Travel Journal keeps track of everything today’s traveler needs to know—in one handy place!

    Keep note of your:

    • Most memorable experiences (with a day-by-day log)
    • Reservations
    • Departure times
    • Vaccinations
    • Emergency contacts
    • Prescriptions
    • Packing list
    • Trip budget
    • Destination bucket list

    Inside My Travel Journal, you can archive all the essential information you’ll need before your next trip.

    Keep track of your reservations, departure times, and vaccinations. Record emergency contacts, prescriptions, and phone numbers. Plan your packing list and trip budget, and check off your destination bucket list.

    Part trip planner and part travel journal, this traveling companion includes a day-by-day log that prompts you to preserve your most memorable experiences.

    Printed on acid-free archival paper in a convenient 6×8 size that fits easily in purse or carry-on bag, My Travel Journal is the perfect gift for the road warrior who has everything!

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    Do You Believe In Miracles?


    Do you believe in miracles? Well, you will now.  Found at the home of an animal hoarder, Marshall was rescued and later adopted Cyndi Willenbrock. Inspired by Marshall’s own true story and how his spirit and resiliency affect those around him, Cyndi brilliantly penned a story told from Marshall’s perspective. A beautifully illustrated picture book for ages 5 and up, Marshall the Miracle Dog will encourage readers of all ages to always remember that hope is just around the corner. Marshall does not let circumstances beyond his control define him and his remarkable resilience inspires us all.It is amazing to think what love, acceptance, and nourishment can do to change a life.  From a dirty and crowded pen with barely any food, protection, or love—to a loving home where food, comfort, and love abound, Marshall and Cyndi are “walking the talk” and making a difference. In fact, Cyndi left her “day job” in order devote all of her time and efforts to inspiring the lives of others. She started The Marshall Movement in order to give voice to the importance of teaching children anti-bullying and anti-animal cruelty amongst numerous other social issues facing our children today. Trained as a Certified Therapy Dog, Marshall and Cyndi visit classrooms and children’s hospitals in order to carry his message of not giving up five minutes before the miracle!       `To find out more about The Marshall Movement and to pre-order Marshall the Miracle Dog, make sure to visit www.marshallthemiracledog.com.  

    First book review – Marshall the Miracle Dog is a story to be savored—and read over and over again – New York Journal Of Books

    by Cynthia Willenbrock, Illustrated by Lauren Heimbaugh
    Reviewed by Lisa Rojany Buccieri