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    Meet Pillowfort at Target

    Target invited Heydoyou.com

    to join the event as they celebrated the launch of new home collection for kids at Highline Stages on last Thursday night.

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    To kick things off, Target hosted actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, actress Katie Holmes, Target partner Camila Alves and other VIP guests at a party.


    “We’re here to celebrate the launch of the new Pillowfort line from Target,” said Maggie, whose favorite part of the Pillowfort adventure was the “Floral Fields” theme. “The swing looks like something my kids would really dig.”


    Kids nowadays are considered intelligent and smart enough to be included in important decision-making meetings in the family. It’s no wonder that they expect the best when it comes to their home accessories as well.

    Target stocks the best stuff for kids, from furniture and bedding to décor and bath items.

    Our kids’ home accessories are specially designed to cater to junior tastes and preferences. Kids’ rooms are their personal world of comfort where their ideas, imagination and creativity get to nurture and develop.

    Furnish their bedrooms with beautiful furniture pieces available at Target to complement their individual tastes and personalities.

    Pillowfort arrives in stores and on Target.com on February 21st, with furniture debuting in the summer.

    To buy:


    Teepee – Gray & White, $71.99


    Bulldog Table Lamp, $30


    Floral Throw Pillow, $13.59target-tassel-throw-pillow-w352

    Tassel Throw Pillow, $17


    Shop at Target for your kids today!

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    Waterdown Your Look for Love?

    I know this happens to so many girls once they get into relationships.  They change their look and water down their make up and style because of their new change in status.  Why do girls do this?  I have a few theories.  One, guys generation don’t like make up on girls. Not a lot and not when it comes off on their clothes/towels.  Two, by watering down your look, you attract less attention from other guys which could mean less opportunities for fights or arguments. Three, you love your boyfriend so you want to do what makes him happy.

    Case in point. Kim Kardashian

    Pre Kanye (hair done, nails done, everything did, sexy outfit, fake lashes, push up bra, hot shoes)

    With Kanye (no more hair extensions, no more fake lashes, minimal make up, modest outfit, demure shoes)

    Katie Holmes

    Pre Tom (fun, carefree, happy, wearing heels)

    With Tom (way too old looking, minimal make up, stressed)


    We are not the only females that do this..

    The browny gray female and the flashy opulent male

    The brown female and emerald green male.

     What do you think?

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