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    10 Things an @iSkin keyboard protector can save your Mac from this Holiday.

    Many of us will be eating, drinking and socializing over our MacBooks and iMac keyboards this holiday. Spills can have a big impact on your computer’s health and ultimately lead to it having to spend the Holidays at the repair shop.

    Using a ProTouch keyboard proctor from iSkin can save your Mac if accidents do occur and can also help with keeping food particles and other impurities from entering between the keys and causing damage.

    Here’s the list of 10 threats over the Holidays…

    1. Red Wine – We all need to relax and catch up with family and friends with a glass of wine. But sudden jolts caused by laughter or other surprises can send a splash of the red goodness flying towards your keyboard and instantly end the joy.

    2. Gravy – Nothing warms you more than gravy over your favourite meat. Well, watch out with each fork full as this stuff loves to drip and drip. Getting gravy between keys can not only look nasty, but dry and create sticky keys and lead to other serious issues.

    3. Kids – With their sticky fingers, runny nose and sheer care-free Holiday spirits, kids are one of the major hazards aside from ourselves when it comes to dirt, food and other spills on your keyboard. ProTouch for kids not only gives them an enjoyable typing experience, it also keeps your keys safe. ProTouch keyboard protectors can also be removed and washed with hot water if things get sticky.

    4. Fur and Hair –The warmth of a MacBook and could easily make your keyboard the resting spot for your cat or small dog. Fur and dead skin can easily make their way between keys and lodge between them. ProTouch is safe for animals and even if Fido decides to take a bite out of it, you can rest assured that no toxic ingredients are used in manufacturing it.

    5. Sauces –Hot sauce, cranberry sauce, dipping sauce are a few of our favourite things. But for your keyboard, sauces are evil. They are often sticky and runny and make their way between keys and inside the keyboard quickly. So if you’re planning to do a little snacking next to your computer, you’d better watch out and don’t forget the ProTouch keyboard protector.

    6. Eggnog –It’s warm, it’s yummy and sometimes it’s spiked with a nice rum. Problem is getting tipsy and doing a little FaceTime with family or friends can spell disaster. A splash of eggnog is loaded with sticky egg and sugar. It could quickly make its way between keys and have them stick or worse, stop working completely. Be safe don’t do it without your ProTouch keyboard protector.

    7. Cookie, Cake Crumbs – What’s the Holidays without cookies and cake. These after dinner treats magically make their way to our bellies no matter where we are. In fact, when responding to our emails or downloading photos from our cameras, cookies and cake make time pass sweetly. Well these crumbs are silent and fall onto our keyboard and in between keys. Like most foods, they slowly spoil and get mouldy. This causes odours and other problems with your keyboard.

    8. Hot Chocolate –On cold wintery nights, nothing beats a cup of hot cocoa while catching up with friends. A quick distractiion or sudden outburst of laughter can send splashes of the hot stuff onto your keyboard. Worry not, with a ProTouch to catch the fall, your keyboard could be spared the deadly combination of hot, sticky and sweet goodness.

    9. Chocolate –Chocolate is to the Holidays what snow is to a snowman. Somehow it makes its way into our hands and mouth without effort. Well it also causes sticky fingers and those special liqueurs inside can also drip onto the keyboard and create a sticky situation. Of course, with your ProTouch keyboard protector in place, you can easily remove and wash it with hot water to remove any buildup of sticky things.

    10. Pie Fillings –Grandma’s pie is destined to make your Holiday menu and snacking on leftovers when sneaking a FaceBook post in haste can cause crumbs and even fillings to drip between keys. The heat of the keyboard can cause these fillings to heat up and then harden causing keys to get sticky or unresponsive. Better not do it without your ProTouch keyboard protector.

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