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    Bitty Play: Try the new Kinetic Sand

    As the kids begin gearing up for back-to-school, why not start them with some fun learning and sensory/motor activities to get them prepped.

    Kinetic Sand is a sand-like substance that is easily moldable, yet free flowing.  It has the properties of wet sand, but isn’t wet and it also sticks to itself without being sticky.  It’s hard to describe this wonderful, stress-free, colored sand until you have it in your hands.


    Michaels’ recently introduced the Kinetic Sand in some fun and bright colors, such as blue, green, orange, pink and purple, as well as the neutral.


    Some of the major benefits of playing with Kinetic Sand, while of course just being fun are:

           Fine Motor Development

           Sensory Processing

           Drawing and Pre-writing skills

           Creative Thinking

           Pretend Play

           Speech and Language Development

           Increased Attention

           Sense of Calm