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    “Ultimate Knife Grip”™ Allows You to Easily Hold A Knife Using The “Chef’s Pinch Grip”

    Have you ever experienced a blister on your INDEX finger?
    Do you have a Callous from years of cutting?
    Have you experienced fatigue in your wrist and hand?

    If you answered “yes” to any of these, or simply want to improve your knife skills, then “Ultimate Knife Grip”™ is for you! Our simple yet incredibly effective 100% food grade Polymer Grip makes chopping, slicing, and dicing a pleasure.

    “Ultimate Knife Grip”™ allows you to easily hold a knife using the “Chef’s Pinch Grip”, for more control, greater range of motion and less fatigue with no finger irritation.

    How to use your “Ultimate Knife Grip”™

    • Make sure both knife and Grip are clean and dry.
    • Fold “Ultimate Knife Grip” and place over spine of knife (magnets will quickly attach to knife)
    • The straight edge towards the handle and the curved edge towards the tip.
    • Position thumb and index finger on “ribbed” recessed area of each side of your “Ultimate Knife Grip”. This position will provide ultimate knife control without exerting a lot of pressure to hold your knife.
    • Note: Patented “Ribbed” Traction (Recess Area), with the curved “Flange” (Along the bottom of your Ultimate Knife Grip™), makes it easier to hold and control your knife, without finger slippage.
    • Use & Care of your “Ultimate Knife Grip”™


    Make sure both knife blade and “Ultimate Knife Grip” are clean and dry. Clean your UKG with warm soapy water and/or Sanitizer.

    • Grip without the blisters – Prep food without the painful blisters is now possible. Power magnets will keep any knife safely gripped!
    • Ergonomic – Fits any knife and hands.
    • Washable and Removable – Simply snap off for washing and snap on for using it.

    This Patent Pending “Ultimate Knife Grip” is an ergonomically designed, 100% food grade Polymer Grip that attaches to most Chef’s Knives and Cleavers. Using “Ultimate Knife Grip” prevents wrist and hand fatigue and finger irritation, while providing comfort, and better knife control.