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    Drake Talks Stevie Wonder and Headlines at OVO Fest

    On July 31st, the second annual OVO Fest took place at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto. I wanted to go but the tickets sold out ASAP. Maybe next year. Maybe I’ll meet Drake and we’ll fall madly in love and we will work together and I’ll do all his public relations – hey a girl can dream right! The OVO Fest was created and hosted by Toronto’s very own, Drake and brought big names to the line up. Toronto’s very own The Weeknd (love their music. LOVE), New York’s- J. Cole, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and everyone’s favourite legendary artist Stevie Wonder.

    So how did Drake get the legend Stevie Wonder to perform for this festival?

    Drake also spoke to T-Rexx of Rap City about his new single “Headlines“.

    Do you think Stevie Wonder fit perfectly into the OVO Fest or was it just odd that he was there?
    Plus, if you got to go to the Fest tell me about your experience in the comments or tweet me @itstanyag !

    `OVO XO`

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    Year of 9th Wonder


    In spirit of this upcoming weekend’s Pioneer DJ Stylus Awards in Toronto, I feel this video comes from a relevant home. LRG presents: 9th Wonder, “The Wonder Year” Documentary.

    This piece follows one full year in the life of Grammy award winner, North Carolina native, hip hop producer, DJ, University Lecturer, and Rapper, Patrick Douthit… better known as 9th Wonder.

    Beginning his career as producer for hip hop group Little Brother, and since leaving the group in 2007, 9th has also worked with Mary J Blige, Jean Grey, Weezy, Wale, Jay-Z, Drake, Erykah Badu… and the list continues. 9th’s production style has been known to sample greats like Curtis Mayfield and Al Green. Throughout the video 9th takes us through the neighborhood where he grew up, introduces us to his craft and verbalizes the mind state that creates hits and wins awards.

    I’m so excited for this video to drop and while the release date is still yet to be announced, word is that one will need to vote the showing in your city. Peep the trailer below.


    SHA MONEY XL SPEAKS ON 9TH WONDER from Pricefilms on Vimeo.

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    New JLo – I’m Into You

    I’m trippin and I can’t get over, I feel like a 4 leaf clover.

    I know exactly what she means… and that hair at 1.40 my GAWD :):) JLo is BACK! I’m into you… If you understand me, you can overwhelm me. That’ Shakira/Beyonce hair works for everyone right? Can’t wait for summer loving….

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    LA hearts Drizzy

    I was walking to school this morning and I saw a familiar face on the cover of BrandX (Part of LA Times) and it was none other than Toronto’s very own. Hi Drake! You are on every single radio station here like 100 times an hour… Wowee, it is really amazing to see how far real talent and ‘high level’ networking gets you. This is how it happens. You work hard, you never give up and pray for the blessings and warm breeze to take you higher. Before you know it, you’re f$%king with the best in the world.

    Here is the article, click to see it bigger. Enjoy.
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    Toronto Loves Drake

    Last night, the name on everyone’s tongue was Drake, Drizzy, yep.  My girl Tracey had tickets but I was too sick to go with her to see the concert.  If you missed it too… Catch the 1LOVETO footage.

    and the after party at C-Lounge pics over at PhotoWill