• My Dog Jacob,  New York

    Walk With Me @Lishinu Leash

    Most retractable leashes are hard to use, have inconvenient buttons, and are uncomfortable for dogs because they can pull on the line until they choke themselves. The Lishinu is Compact and Cute!

    Enter the Lishinu Dog Leash: you wear it on your wrist, freeing up your hands, while its button-less design lets you use natural motion to automatically lock the leash. Available in a range of colors, it’s also compact and durable. With a handle-like extension on the collar, you can get a handle on your dog in crowded spaces.

    At first, I was really curious but skeptical if this can work for Jacob. Since they recommend you to use this on dogs 30 kg or less (66 lbs). Jacob is right at the max…Dog owners know a dog his size can pull a person if they really tried.

    So on our regular Sunday night walk, I decided to try Lishinu: we LOVE IT!  It is easy to wear, light weight and cool to use.

    See the 3M on the end of the leash and his Ruffwear jacket for safety!

    I wore it over my sweater sleeve on my left wrist so I could text and call with my right hand. When we stopped at the intersection to cross the street, I instinctively use the handle-like extension part.

    Once we are out of the traffic, Jacob was able to roam ‘free’ himself and smell the things he really wanted to and pee on random things too.

    Overall we really like the Lishinu and was surprise by how easy it is to use it! It can be a great training tool as well for dogs and puppies. We had a lot of fun on our walk using it and highly recommend this pet innovation!

    Check out the LISHINU on www.lishinu.com in all the colors!