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    Hey Good Looking! How to Look 10 Years Younger Without Surgery

    When it comes to looking younger, we are all striving to find that magic pill or potion. Sorry, ladies. But, if you want to look younger without going under the knife, you need to shake up your lifestyle. Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. It goes without saying. So, if you want to take a decade off your face, it’s time to get realistic.


    It comes as no surprise that exercise keeps you fit and healthy. But, if you want to roll back the years; it’s time to hit the gym. Make sure that you are hitting the gym and maximising your beauty potential. Exercise increases oxygen within your body. This ensures that you look glowing. But, it also ensures that you are naturally producing collagen. This is the key to looking wrinkle-free. When it comes to collagen, your body produces its own. So, ditch the Botox and make sure that you are undergoing a kick ass exercise regime. Your body will be more supple and increase elasticity. So, you will knock off a good ten years when it comes to your body and face.


    Lose Weight and Feel Great

    Losing at least 10 pounds will ensure that you look younger. Honestly. You should strive to lose weight for a number of reasons, especially if you are overweight. Your new gym regimen can ensure that you are in a right place to start losing weight. Aim for the golden number. You need to have 14% body fat to be a healthy person. So, start stripping fat and start looking excellent.


    Throw Out Useless Beauty Products (But Not All of Them!)

    When it comes to keeping your skin soft and supple, the best anti aging cream will be loaded with retinoid, vitamin A and DMAE. If your face cream doesn’t have these essential active ingredients in them, bin them. They won’t make you look younger. Having a good skin care routine is important. Glowing skin automatically looks younger. So, keep your lotions and potions in place and cleanse tone and moisturise. Use your fantastic anti wrinkle cream lavishly. Slather it on your face before bed for a youthful, toned appearance.

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    Have More Sex

    Don’t tell your husband but having sex three times per week is a great way of looking more youthful. Having more sex is a great way of losing weight and increasing hormones that make you look young and beautiful.


    Forget the Tanning Salon

    When it comes to looking tanned, it’s always best to fake it. Sunbeds and tanning salons can give you an older, haggard and more leathery look. Plus, you are increasing your risk of cancer. If you want to make sure that you are looking good, go pale and natural. Or, slather on the fake tan. It’s imperative that your skin is not harmed with UV rays. The unnatural light in the tanning booth can cause a wealth of problems for your skin. Not just for now, but in the future too. It’s always best to be a natural beauty anyway.