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    NYC Alert: Wearing Heels and Loving @LYFT

    So I am subway or walk kind of girl and when the private car service company trends popped up in New York City – I was really excited to check it out!  So there I am not an expert on this topic not have I tried all the services out there already but I can tell you the reasons I am loving LYFT.

    When my husband came home with a business card with a furry pink mustache on it and gave it to me – I was curious. I remember seeing something on Youtube with car sharing or ride car pools with a giant pink mustache so I had an idea what LYFT was about.  When I downloaded the app for my Android – I was just in love with how cute it is.  The icon on my phone is a pink balloon!  How happy!  And then the app is fun and user friendly. The drivers are nice, the cars and clean and they literally arrive in less than 2 mins every time.

    I have used LYFT 4 times since I downloaded the app last week and here is what I did.

    1. Had to go to Chelsea Pier to meet up with some FIDM alumni for a lunch on the water and I took LYFT. The driver got me there in a jiffy and I applied my coupon code and voila a free ride.

    2. I was going from work to an event with a 15 min time window and just had to LYFT. I was also wearing heels so from West Village to Little Italy for $12 is a bit of a splurge but hey it was for a free dinner so I did it.

    3. I booked a LYFT at 4:30 but i didn’t need to leave til 5. Oops. I got charged $8 for my mistake but when my 5 driver came, he told me I can just email them and get a refund! And they did and wrote me a nice email too.  I took LYFT to 38th St Garment district with a huge box and the driver was nice enough to help me with the box too!  Then a few days later, I woke up to a coupon of 7 free LYFT rides for the next week! How perfect with Fashion Week coming up, I know I can use these up easily. I got so excited and starting talking to Tai about all the cool fun places we can go that we never go to… like Ikea or Queens or somewhere far! (I don’t know where) hehehe!

    4. I gave 1 of my free rides to my friend from Paris who was venturing from my house to Brooklyn!  It was perfect – Came in 1 minute and had a GPS to let me know when she arrived. I paid it from my phone and was happy to know she got there quickly and safely.

    I am still getting use to what this is “FREE with friends code…” I haven’t tried it yet.

    I am sure other car services provide features I am not aware of but I only need a few reasons to love LYFT.

    1. PINK

    2. CUTE

    3. FAST

    4. I can wear heels out again!