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    Join the Ride with Robby The Dyslexic Taxi: A Children’s Book Celebrating Differences

    Did you know Dyslexia influences as many as 1 in 5 people and is a genetic difference in an individual’s ability to learn and process information? As a result, dyslexic individuals have differing abilities and differing strengths in creative, problem-solving, and communication skills such as spelling, reading, and memorizing facts.

    Introducing Jonathan and Lynn Greenberg and their latest children’s book, The Creative Cab Company Presents: Robby the Dyslexic Taxi and the Airport Adventure. Written and illustrated by Jonathan Greenberg, a dyslexic man, and his mother, Lynn Greenberg, Robby the Dyslexic Taxi and the Airport Adventure not only entertains but also celebrates neurodiversity and promotes empathy and understanding. This charming story will inspire young readers and their families to embrace their differences and the differences of others while also reminding them of the power of kindness and determination.

    With over 30 million Americans living with the power of dyslexic thinking,  Robby the Dyslexic Taxi and the Airport Adventure is a must-read for anyone who loves a good adventure and a happy ending. So, buckle up and join Robby on his unforgettable journey! 

    Jonathan and Lynn’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity extends beyond Robby’s story. They plan to continue creating stories representing the breadth and depth of the neurodivergent community. The idea of using the Creative Cab Company as a hub to connect the characters and their stories was born out of a desire to create a rich and nuanced universe that reflects the community’s diversity.



    Born with dyslexia, Jonathan could not read and write like many other children his age. So instead of giving in to frustration, Jonathan used his struggle as a catalyst for creativity by expressing his ideas through art. Having overcome his learning difficulty, Jonathan has fallen in love with reading. Robby the Dyslexic Taxi and the Aiport Adventure exemplify Jonathan’s passion for writing and illustration. Together with Lynn, his mother, and his writing partner, they are already thinking of other stories that complement this book. To learn more about Jonathan and his work, visit Creationaire Arts.


    Lynn is the happiest wife, mom, and grandma. A very retired attorney who loves to cook, exercise, and read, she has seen how positivity with feelings and differences can allow children to grow into happy, productive adults. During COVID-19, when many families were living together with an abundance of unscheduled free time, Lynn and Jonathan began to work on the concepts and ideas for Robby. As ideas developed, they became increasingly invested in the character, his story, and the impact this endeavor could have on others.