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    New Music: Quan “Get Away” @donferquan

    This song is touching, I never really heard any of Quan’s music, until this song. A very close friend of mine showed me this, and I’ve been in love with his music since. I’m such a music bug and this is one song that makes me emotional as it’s about his son that had pasted away, Kayden. Quan has a Nas like quality of story telling rapping which I think is a great way of getting your message across. Let me let this song show you how talented he really is because I can’t even describe it. What do you think?

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    Rock the Bells Comes To Toronto

    Rock the Bells is a great music festival that showcases many talents. The next Rock the Bells Festival is in NYC on September 3rd! So all you NYCers get the deets (which I’ll post soon times- hopefully) and check it out.

    Rock the Bells used to come to Toronto and about 2 years ago they just stopped this festival here. The last time we had this festival here in T Dot the artists were welcomed by an egstatic and energized crowd that was dancing to every song.  The concert, had performances by Damian Marley, K’naan and Common, and it was supposed to come back in 2010 however it didn’t.



    But it’s BACK!!! Rock The Bells- Toronto will be on September 8th, and will have performances by Ms. Lauryn Hill, Nas, Illmatic, Pete Rock, AZ, and DJ Premier have been said to appear. The concert, has pre-sale tickets being sold NOW and will take place at the Molson Amphitheatre. This will be one of the most entertaining hip hop concerts of the year!  I LOVE ALL THESE CONCERTS!!! CAN’T WAIT!!!


    Know of any other concerts coming up?? Know of any artists you would like me to check out?? Leave it in the comments or tweet me @itstanyag ..





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    An LA update

    When I thought of LA, I had a single image of how it would be.

    well… it IS like this, at the Grove and Beverly Hills and Hollywood but I just don’t live there.

    LA has many faces. My neighbourhood is MacArthur Park, Wikipedia says its being regentrified… and I might be the first person initiating this social movement. My all time favorite JLo video has come to life. So… all this wishful thinking and now im living it. Kinda hot right, except im Chinese and I have Jacob. This is literally what the neighbourhood I live in is like:

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