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    Shiseido Lacquer Gloss in Nebula

    If you buy one lip color this month, make it purple!


    Created by Dick Page, Artistic Director, Shiseido introduces Lacquer Gloss, a rich lip gloss inspired by suki-urushi or “transparent lacquer.” Suki-urushi is a style of traditional Japanese lacquerware which involves high-quality raw lacquer that has a transparent, glossy finish with clear color.

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    Based on the lacquerware production process, Lacquer Gloss delivers shine, color and moisture in one application using a triple-layer formula:

    • The base layer refines lip texture, smoothing out unevenness and lines while providing moisture from Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE, an advanced ingredient that actively pushes moisture into lips and retains it for hours.
    • The middle layer adheres color to the lips that stays put.
    • The final top layer coats lips with glossy luster, locking in color and moisture.Lacquer Gloss is available in eight new shades:
      Baby Doll (PK304) – coral pink tone.
      Debut (BE102) – pinkish beige.
      In The Flesh (OR303) – pinky peach.
      Lust (RD305) – sultry, blood red.
      Mocha (BR301) – creamy chocolate.
      Nebula (VI207) – violet with iridescent pearls.
      Phantom (VI708) – pale lavender.
      Plum Wine (RS306) – rosy violet.

      The thin and flexible applicator fits perfectly to the lips and combines two types of pile so it retrieves the gloss easily. The tip of the applicator is tapered to make it easy to line and fill in the lips.

      $25 each
      Available now at www.shiseido.com