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    International Beauty Show

    When you want to see the newest trends and the biggest brands and hot startups in the beauty world – tradeshows are the way to go. I am spending the next 3 days at IBS in New York City to document all the stuff I find for you!  I went down today to give you a preview of all the goodies. Stay tuned.. More coming!


    Amanda getting a French wrap manicure from Dashing Diva

    Plenty of hair models and demos

    Moroccan Oil was not playing. They had the best giftbags, the largest booth and was swarmed.

    love this car.. so me!

    Lashes on the Smart

    Essie strut their color range

    Ladies from PaperLash

    Going back for more tomorrow!


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    WWMD had their launch party at Parlour Midtown today 🙂

    A great turn out and a slew of interesting  people. Here are some of my favs.

    MEN Some of the hardest creatures to figure out. For years, young women have worked themselves into a hyper-fervor (don’t try to deny it now!) trying to decode the meaning behind our male counterparts often-questionable actions and reactions to sex, love and that blasted in-between.

    But where has that really gotten us? Stuck with a bunch of mediocre conclusions drafted up during our girl talk (and male bashing) time with well, the girls. Still, if you’re asking the question what would a man do—and looking for an edifying answer—it’s only right you ask the male species directly.

    Introducing our new show: WWMD: What Would a Man Do? Every episode, WWMD features an eligible guy who swears to share the truth and nothing but about what he and the general testosterone flooded community would do, say, think or feel in various circumstances. We don’t just stop at one guy. Each installment also includes a collection of real men, nationwide, giving their frank input on multiple topics. And just in case there’s some attempted swindling, the host of WWMD – Chazeen and her panel: Guerdley, NK and Tracy are there to call out the BS, throw in their twenty cents and keep the banter in check.

    We’re your ticket to the inside of the male mind. Four 20-something year old women, just like you, on a mission for answers. What’s our goal? To climb up the gender role ladder in order to meet these dudes face-to-face, find a better balance in our dating lives and finally nix that crazy fervor aforementioned up top. If you own boobs and a vulva we strongly advise you tune yourself in… unless of course you actually dig being dazed.

    As for you, MEN… we know that women can be hard to figure out so we suggest you tune in because every few episodes, we’ll be answering your questions too… Nag-free, of course!

    Check out WWMD every first and third Monday of the month for a satisfying fix of revealing, entertaining, and unorthodox episodes.


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    (NY) Team Epiphany

    With holiday parties all week long, I stopped by Team Epiphany’s Ho Ho Ho party last night in the Meatpacking District at RDV.

    Ridiculously good looking crowd and in true New York fashion… lots of guys and just a handful of chicks. Just the way I like it.

    Team Epiphany + Lady Ness
    Miss Hot 97 and her bad bitches
    heyyyy cutie
    More pics at LavishLivez <3 Paul
    Ms Chu aka Mrs Coltrane Curtis… She be killin ‘m in her Loubies
    Spent some time talking to the Team Epiphany staff at the event and asked them what it was like to work with such shakers and movers in New York City. They said it was the best job they ever had, so much fun and every day is like Christmas working at a job they love. Not bad… Find out more on http://www.teamepiphany.com
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    (NY) Charmin Po(o)p Up Store!

    I went by 42nd street today for a meeting and I came outside to this!  The Charmin Pop Up Toilets!  The cold weather always makes me want go to pee to I had to go check it out. Each mini toilet was equipped with 3 kinds of TP for your pleasure.  I use the Ultra soft at home so I tried to Ultra Strong to see what that was all about.

    The Charmin Toilet Photo Op!

    All the restrooms available for use
    I love pop up stores! I also love experiential marketing. I had a good chat with the reps Larry, Kevin and Donny.  Outgoing, friendly and super helpful. Donny offered to pose with me! Prom time lol – It’s a giant toilet! So fun – The outside is gold, there a 2-step thing to climb up to the ‘throne’. To make you laugh, the reps say.. come on, let it all out >_< ew.

    There is even stroller parking… You know, for all the moms… 🙂

    Ha ha ha!  For more, follow them on Twitter @EnjoyTheGo: Dedicated to making going to the bathroom more enjoyable. We all go. Those who go with Charmin, really Enjoy the Go
    This is a classic case of a huge company with a huge budget and huge idea trying to make use of ‘social media’.  How come you have 160 Twitter followers only?  Sometimes Social Media needs to be prompted and steered. Not once when I was in there did anyone ask me if I was on Twitter or if I wanted to share my photo on Facebook. SMH. If you gave me that kinda marketing budget, I wouldn’t use it to wipe my butt… 


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    (NY) Skin Deep with Dr Baumann

    *Special Guest Blog New York based Beauty Blogger from Alexandra Mann*  Thanks Alexandra!

     Most of You Are Buying the Wrong Products for Your Skin and Dr. Leslie Baumann Wants to Change That

    It’s been five years since women all over America who had been wearing the wrong bra size – 80% of them evidently – cast their old bras aside at Oprah Winfrey’s urging, and got properly fitted for new bras, thus enhancing their self confidence and style.  Now it’s time for 80% of women – hopefully not the same 80% – to turn their attention to their skin.

    Enter Dr. Leslie Baumann, who has dedicated her practice and research to ensuring that her patients are properly educated on the actual type of skin they have (not the type they think they have), for only then can they treat it properly and protect it, nurture it and make it look its best. Dr. Baumann was in New York today to promote her book, The Skin Type Solution,  her new PBS special airing this month (check your local listings) and her website, skintypesolutions.com

    Dr. Baumann’s 16 skin types are based on being either Oily or Dry; Resistant or Sensitive (i.e., having acne, rosacea, burning, etc.); Pigmented or Non-Pigmented (this is not related to ethnicity but rather to unwanted brown spots); and Wrinkled or Tight. “Eighty percent of women think they know their skin type and they’re wrong,” Dr. Baumann said. “Oily people think they’re dry and wrinkled people think they’re less wrinkled…”
    You get the idea.

    Dr. Baumann’s system evolved from 400 questions and her work with thousands of patients’ skin. The result is a questionnaire that literally anyone can fill out online. Based on the type of skin one has, Dr. Baumann and her team then recommend a full complement of skin care products from a range of brands that are best for you (“I’m not affiliated with particular brands,” she says).

    Once you go through the process of getting properly typed – which I did today – it makes you wonder why we are all so willing to spend our hard-earned money on products that promise the world but might be totally wrong for us. Vanity? I think it’s safe to say that’s certainly a component of caring for our skin, but if that’s the case then wouldn’t we want to do it right? I can’t recall a department store cosmetics salesperson asking me if I ever smoked cigarettes (I did but don’t anymore), how much cumulative time I’ve spent in the sun (quite a bit ages ago but never now), or if I am usually able to use hotel soaps on my face without incident (I am). But Dr. Baumann did ask me, and she will ask you, too… I won’t tell you my type, but I will tell you I’m now in the 20%.

    If you want to find out your type:

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