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    (NY) Nygård Preview

    Bianca Nygard is a trendy casual clothing line that is proudly Canadian. They had an event in NYC this week and I was invite to come meet with some NY ‘who’s who’ of the fashion world. 

    Some notable individuals included the president of the the Chambers of Commerce, John from LIM (the fashion business school of NYC) and of course the Nygard marketing team.

    Mark Jaffe, CEO of the NY Chamber of Commerce
    Mike Robertson (videographer) + Shayne Stephens (Marketing, Men’s Fashion/Religion Guru)

    These are ‘swackets’ lol Sweater/Jackets hee hee

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    (NY) Nygård

    A few months ago, I was contacted by the Social Media person of Nygard introducing the brand to me. As they are doing massive rebranding and new media efforts, I was really excited to see what they have brewing. Here is great background in from our friends at Wikipedia:
    On December 1, 1967, Peter Nygård used his life savings and an additional loan of $8,000 to purchase 20% of a woman’s clothing manufacturer. A few years later Peter Nygård owned the company and renamed it Nygård International.Nygård apparel manufacturing company was founded in 1967 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is now headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. Peter Nygård’s fashion concept retail store opened in Times Square in Manhattan on Friday, November 6, 2009. 

    I had the pleasure of going to that very store today. It is located on prime real estate, att 40th and Broadway. The store is prominent and beautifully lit. I got to chatting with the manager, Marsha at the store and she said lots of exciting things coming up for the holidays!

    Here is my fave! It comes in Purple, Emerald Green and Black

    If you want to find out more about Nygard, you are find them on Facebook here and follow them on Twitter here so you wont miss events.. (like their big 1 yr NYC store fashion show) the way I did! Hmph!

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