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    Metallurgy Liptar from @OCCmakeup

    There are new liptars in town and they ready to rock!  Pigmented with a metallic sheen – I don’t know why I am so magnetically attracted to them. I am so interested in trying the Gold, Coral, Pink… All of them basically.

    Pic from Beautylish.com

    Just reading through the list, I know that OCC Yaoi Lip Tar is a must and will be my 2nd favorite after Anime.

    The Metallurgy collection contains a well-rounded group of likeable and lust-worthy shades including Super NSFW—a gold-sparkling red, Yaoi—a glittering, silver-based Barbie pink, Authentic—a pennywise copper, Triptych—a neutral gold, Iced—an opaque silvery white, and Electric Grandma—a metallic version of their best selling coral shade, our favorite if not for the name alone.

    The finish is subtle but reflective with a pearl-like shine and the subtlest hint of glitter, noticeable only if before a kiss under the mistletoe. The shades wear just as long as their matte counterparts and leave behind a light coating of sparkle when wiped away. (repost from Beautylish)

    Can’t wait to try these!

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    New NYLON @occmakeup Liptar

    OCC has launch a brand new, limited edition lip tar!  I JUST ordered it from Sephora.com and can’t wait to see this NYLON color – inspired by NYLON magazine’s signature pantone PINK.  It is so neon and hot. I imagine it to look a bit like this. I can show you once it arrives 🙂

    I am so jealous that Temptalia blog got a chance to swatch them!  I love that she showed how it look on her but I also want to see how it compares to Queen and Anime.

    OCC’s brand new neon pink lip tar called Nylon, a tribute to the celeb-and-fashion focused glossy. The magazine’s September issue heralds OCC’s innovative lip tars as “The Best Lipstick of 2012,” and to celebrate, the makeup brand created the poptastic Pantone-matched color.

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    Ingestible Beauty with ioBeauty + @occmakeup

    Last week I got the most curious email!  It is a beauty product that has uses super-fruit properties to rejuvenate your skin from the inside out. So here is how you can banish signs of aging by treating yourself with an Ingestible Beauty Cocktail! Oh the things I would do for flawless skin!

    So there are 3 ways you can do this…

    I am wearing OCC liptar in Butch (Periwinkle Blue)

    1. Take drops directly onto your tongue!  Tastes yummy like any gogi, acai supplement really. Looks so Twilight right?

    2. You can mix it with any drink. I mixed it with water. Taste like nothing really. Really watered down juice kind of.

    3. You can put it directly onto your skin and rub it in! I think I will try this way tonight!

    The iO Beauty Booster’s unique apply/digest technology allows the iO Beauty regimen to treat, protect and rejuvenate both topically and internally.
    Price: $38
    Where to buy: shopiobeauty.com, QVC.COM (starting February 17th!)
    This technology harness’ the power of the high-performance ingredients found in the regimen’s topical and ingestible formulas to deliver healthy, younger-looking skin. The regimen’s key component is a blend of biodynamic Wild Australian Blackberry, Goji Berry, Mangosteen, Açai and Equis AV. Just a few drops of the exclusive blend of minerals and 3,200 ORAC units of antioxidants provide comprehensive protection and revitalizing benefits from the inside out.

    Co-developer, Tanya Zuckerbrot is the official dietician of the Miss Universe Organization!

    Tanya is a registered dietician and the creator of The F-Factor Diet, an innovative nutritional program she founded in 1999.

    I am going to try it out for the month of Feb and let you know the results!

    Find out more on shopiobeauty.com

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    @IamKelis Acapella

    Let everything in the world inspire you!  I saw the Kelis video for Acapella while lunching with Joey and just love her makeup.


    As you know, I have more makeup than a department store and I just love experimenting.

    To get this look I used the Make Up For Ever Flash Palette (gold/silver), the Make Up For Ever Eye Shadow in Neon Pink 75, lashes and OCC LipTar in Anime. Then I finished the look with Inglot Body Sparkle 56 all blown all over my face. If you don’t have an airbrush or a friend, put your hair dryer on cold, spray a makeup setter like Maya Water then  just blast the glitter in your face once.

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    @occmakeup Giveaway

    You know I am obsessed with OCC Liptar but honestly how many can I have before the “Beauty Horders Police” come get me??  So here we go!

    Win the OCC Lo-Fi Collection: Flicker, Heroic (Loose Color) + Katricia + NSFW (Liptar)

    To Win: Tweet @heydoyou + @occmakeup the name of the creator of OCC and the city he lives in

    Good luck 🙂

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    New York

    OCC Lip Tar S/S 2011

    LIP tar

    I am obsessed.  Here is the new line up of New York based Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics for Spring Summer 2011.

    Wasabi green lips are super hot. This look is raw like yellowtail sashimi and one of my favorites from the new collection.

    Analog (Chocolate color) and Tone (Pinkish Vanilla) makes me think of desserts, milkshakes and ice cream cones. This summer is going to be so sexy!  Two-tone lips, twist cones and maybe a mixed boyfriend on the side.

    Interlace is the color of pure love.  My tanktop says it all. It’s a beautiful day. Jacob loves peach colored kisses all day.

    Orange you glad you came by?  This is Beta the pylon colored awesomeness.  Hits you like a bang bang bang

    Love makes you do crazy things. Red lipstick, late nights over the Brooklyn bridge and waking up with a smile on your face.

    I love OCC Liptars but you already knew that.


    Big thank you to OCC for fueling my obsessions.