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    Blue Jays Fitted

    Last night Chelle & I took Caleb & Taiya over to the Remix Project where our friends from 1LoveTO had put together a photoshoot for an upcoming project with NE Blue Jays Fitted hats.

    The kids had an awesome time at the shoot hanging out amongst other Creatives; surrounded by cameras, macs, and familiar faces they were in their glory! We are soooo excited to see the result of the final project!

    Shout out to Brock, Fresh & Photo Will for keeping us company and showing them such a good time! xoxo 1LoveTO


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    Follow – @PhotoWill69

    If you go out at all in Toronto, you will know this face. He is PhotoWill!  I like this guy a lot.. he is talented, and animated.

    He is always sweet, always gracious, super professional and has the heart the size of Lake Ontario + then some. 

    Here is why you should follow him:
    Imma joker with no talents. I dress and coordinate as if i have no electricity in my house. I drive a sexy car that no one will give a second look to. i have hair that keeps my head warm but that damn slushee will still give me a brain freeze. I rock ice like it melted. I aint cocky, but i think im real fly. I can see real well even if i have small eyes.i may be a jerk sometimes, but i have a huge heart.im a focused person but i could almost swear i have A.D.D. lmao. im an oversized midget. i love to be loved, but i usually love others more. my mind is strong, but my heart is weak. im charming but oh so damn cheesey! im as real as real gets….she’ll find that out

    Follow! @PhotoWill69
    You can also read his blog
    or be one of his 500 BBM friends 302f6e9f
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    Guys & Dolls

    Had such a great time on Friday night at Guys & Dolls presented by Lost in the Willderness and Brazen Hussy. After getting through a diecieving quiet entrance, the flights (and flights) of stairs eventually lead you to the top… an orange-hued rooftop, very LA. poolside… very LA. Everyone in the spot is laced in their trendiest ensembles, some simple… many coming HARD… very Toronto!
    The vibe is right, the crowd is cool and everyone is having a good time! Positive people! I love it! Big xoxo to Brazen Hussy & Lost in the Willderness for hosting! Special Happy B-day to KiKi. Musical score by DJ Mensa, Wristpect and Sir Lancelot was hectic… they brought Hannah Montana out and ran ‘a Jay Z song’ after, if u don’t already know…ask! Such good company with the Bossy Girls, Caitlin & Vili! Giggles with Tika & Reese! Exchanging complements with Daniele! xoxo to Fresh for working it out as always… and big xoxo’s to re-uniting with ALL the faces that I haven’t seen in a while!!!
    Lastnight I was peeping photos of the night on Will’s blog (click here) and stumbled across a video! It was soooo cute and funny I had to share it with all of you… so proud of this city!!! **twisted mouth smirk** xoxo

    http://vimeo.com/7667907 from PHOTO WILL on Vimeo.

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    Toronto Loves Drake

    Last night, the name on everyone’s tongue was Drake, Drizzy, yep.  My girl Tracey had tickets but I was too sick to go with her to see the concert.  If you missed it too… Catch the 1LOVETO footage.

    and the after party at C-Lounge pics over at PhotoWill