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    Making Keto Sushi And Keto Hand Rolls at Home with Primal Kitchen’s Help

    What can you eat at a sushi bar when you are on a Keto diet? Dive into all of the sashimi, which are slices of raw fish. If your local sushi joint offers rice-free rolls that contain cauliflower rice or other ingredients, dig in! Additional keto-friendly sushi choices include hand rolls without rice filled with spicy tuna or spicy salmon or other fish, and vegetables such as sliced avocado, cucumbers, bell peppers, carrots, or pickled turnips and radishes.

    Making keto sushi and keto hand rolls at home can be the best option because you can control the ingredients used. Experiment with sushi-grade tuna, other high-quality raw fish, or use pole-caught canned salmon or tuna to keep things super simple. Use keto-friendly condiments like Primal Kitchen’s Keto Certified mayos made with avocado oil or Primal Kitchen’s Keto Certified Buffalo Sauce if you want an extra spicy kick.

    Keto Spicy Salmon Hand Rolls

    Seas the day and grab a bite of this Keto Salmon Hand roll with Jalapeño Lime Vegan Mayo and SeaSnax! Spicy jalapeño hits rich, full-flavored salmon with a delicate crunch of savory SeaSnax. Kicking the Keto Month off with this easy and delicious recipe.

    What do you need:


    • Preheat oven to 375ºF.
    • Place salmon onto a sheet pan sprayed with Avocado Oil. Bake for 25 minutes, or until salmon flakes easily with a fork.
    • Meanwhile, grate garlic cloves and chop green onions. If using store-bought cauliflower rice, scroll down to the next step.
    • Wash and dry the head of cauliflower. Remove the leaves and cut away the core of the stem. Break the cauliflower into florets, removing any extra-long pieces of stem.
    • Place cauliflower florets into a food processor, and pulse until florets resemble rice. Work in batches, as it can be challenging to pulse an entire head of cauliflower at once.
    • Heat a large frying pan to medium-high heat and add riced cauliflower, garlic, and 1/3 cup of Sesame Ginger Vinaigrette. Cook until tender, approximately 7–8 minutes.

    Keto Spicy Salmon Hand Rolls instructions, continued

    • Arrange all of your hand roll ingredients to assemble the hand rolls.
    • Place the cooked salmon in a bowl and flake the filets with a fork.
    • Place your cauliflower rice in a bowl and sprinkle with green onion. Have the mayo and the sesame seeds ready.

    How to Assemble Hand Rolls

    • Place the seaweed in the palm of your hand, shiny side down, and add a thin layer of cauliflower rice on the left third of the nori sheet. Place fillings—salmon, mayo, sesame seeds—vertically across the middle of the rice.
    • Fold the bottom left corner of nori over and begin folding into a cone shape. Keep rolling the nori sheet to form a cone.

    Let’s pair a drink with this yummy hand roll, how about a Japanese style Matcha Keto Latte? Primal Kitchen created a keto-friendly version of a matcha latte with collagen. This version uses just two ingredients and comes together in a flash—no dainty bamboo whisk needed.

    2 Ingredient Matcha Keto Latte with Collagen



    • In a small saucepan over medium-high heat, warm the milk until it starts to bubble a bit on the sides. Stir milk and allow to simmer (you don’t need a roiling boil here, just a few small and gentle bubbles) for about 1 minute.
    • Pour warm milk into a blender. Add Matcha Collagen and mix on high speed until well combined and a little frothy (about 20 seconds).
    • Be careful to place the lid of the blender on tightly. You may also want to hold a kitchen towel on top of the top while you blend to avoid any hot liquid splashing out.
    • Pour into two mugs and serve.

    A Keto friendly Japanese brunch can be totally made at home with these simple and easy recipes. Are you ready to make your Keto diet to a next level? Bringing Primal Kitchen’s Keto friendly products back home, and you can find tons of Keto recipes on their website. Say goodbye to your old boring Keto recipe book, and welcome to a new Primal Kitchen Keto world.