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    Everyday Is A BBQ Day with Primal Kitchen’s BBQ Marinade

    BBQ is all American family’s classic favorite food! Especially at holidays, nothing is better than grilling together and enjoying the great smoky food. About this year’s BBQ marinade, I want to introduce Primal Kitchen’s BBQ marinade sauces. Here I will show some recipes to update your normal BBQ recipes to the next level. How about Chinese BBQ Pork Buns?

    Do you love Dim Sum? I do! If you have Asian friends, the first ever meal he/she brings you to try probably would be dim sum. If this is not the first meal with your Asian friends, I believe you hear about Chinese dim sum a lot, right? As dim sum restaurants are not the places to go during these special days, let’s try to make them at home! Not difficult at all, with Primal Kitchen’s organic and no sugar Classic BBQ Sauce.

    Chinese BBQ Pork Buns

    Celebrate a Asian food-inspired Christmas or the coming Chinese New Year in style with gluten-free BBQ Pork Buns, made with Primal Kitchen and packed with uncompromisingly delicious flavor. Whether you’re hosting a family party or looking for something savory and celebratory just for two, this dish is for you.

    Primal Kitchen organic and no sugar Classic BBQ Sauce comes with just enough smokey flavor to really make this recipe pop. Luxurious and soft, these Chinese BBQ Buns come to life when combined with our brand new, best-selling sauce, renowned for its depth of flavor and high quality, Whole30-Approved ingredients. Check out the full recipe at here.

    Whole30 BBQ Chicken with Coffee Dry Rub & Hawaiian BBQ Sauce

    This isn’t an average grilled chicken recipe—it starts with a punchy, memorable homemade dry rub that’s Whole30, keto, and Primal/paleo—gets cooked through in the oven, brushed with Whole30 Approved Hawaiian barbecue sauce, and placed on a hot grill to develop a crisp charred exterior. Made with salt, seven spices, and decaffeinated coffee granules, this recipe’s Whole30 dry rub seasoning mix works beautifully on just about anything… from poultry to beef to cauliflower and eggplant, you can use all winter long to season any food you’d like to roast, bake, or grill.

    This recipe coats the chicken pieces in the Whole30 dry rub first, then bake the chicken in the oven in order to ensure even cooking. Then basting the chicken with Whole30 barbecue sauce before placing on the grill to char—if you coat the chicken pieces with barbecue sauce before cooking it in the oven, the sauce would burn and turn bitter rather than develop the lightly charred flavor that only a grill can provide. Check out the full recipe at here.

    Air Fryer Paleo Chicken Tenders with BBQ Sauce

    Most kids, no matter how old, adore chicken tenders. OK, maybe some (or most?) adults love them, too. These eat-with-your-hands family favorites are breaded with a spiced coating then usually deep fried until they reach golden perfection. Moist on the inside, crunchy on the outside, chicken tenders are fun to dunk in BBQ sauce, ranch dressing, ketchup, honey mustard, sweet and sour sauce, and on and on. Instead of buying frozen pre-made chicken tenders, or ordering them out at a sports bar, here created a Primal/paleo chicken tender recipe that includes no eggs, dairy, gluten, or grains. This paleo chicken tenders have an extra special zip, as using Primal Kitchen Vegan Ranch Dressing in the wet batter to ensure that this seasoned grain-free coating sticks to the chicken pieces. Dip the chicken tenders in Primal Kitchen Classic BBQ Sauce for tangy, smoky BBQ-ranch flavor.

    Instead of deep fried in canola or vegetable oil, this recipe coated the breaded chicken tenders with sprayable avocado oil then baked them in the Air Fryer. If you don’t have an Air Fryer, you can bake these chicken tenders in the oven at 425ºF for about 8 minutes per side (turn over halfway through baking) for a total of 16 minutes. Check out the full recipe at here.

    No Cook Meal Plan – Paleo BBQ Chicken Wraps

    Liberation can be won from standing over a hot stove, creating your own sauces, having anxiety about burning food, overcooking or undercooking meat, or feeling pressure to make everything from scratch because you want to eat more real foods. You don’t have to wave the metaphoric anti-cooking white flag either and order takeout or buy another ready-made meal from the grocery store because you don’t want to deal with the post-work hassle of deciding what to cook for dinner.

    Whether it’s too hot to turn on heat-creating kitchen appliances, you don’t know how or don’t want to cook, or you’re bone-tired and frazzled after meeting daytime obligations and can’t face an hour or more of food preparation, this no cook meal plan can be your saving grace. It’s a dinner that require little more effort than chopping produce; putting a store-bought rotisserie chicken to good use; and letting real-food, pre-made dressings, mayos, and sauces do the hard work of adding palate-pleasing flavor and variety to your and even your whole family’s evening meals. Check out the full recipe at here.

    Primal Kitchen products are unlike any others that you’ll find in the grocery store. The entire collection aims to satiate exquisitely with real, simple, exceptional ingredients—like avocado oil, collagen, oil of oregano and apple cider vinegar—that contain no dairy, gluten, grain, refined sugar or soy. As the founder, Mark would say, EAT LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT, because it does. Click here to visit Primal Kitchen’s website to know more about their great products.