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    Brother Sharp

    One of the best stories I heard about how social media changes lives is about Brother Sharp. Kinda like the Golden Voice guy. But this is a handsome, stylish, trendy… Homeless man in China. Nice.

    Talk about BoHo Chic… Or Beggar Swagg! He is a real tramp. All of his clothes are from things found in dumpsters, both women and men’s clothing. He gives thrifting and style a whole new meaning.

    So amazing right? Hers’s the story:

    Last year, 34-year-old Cheng Guorong spent his days scouring the streets of the Ningbo in east China for food and rummaging through rubbish for discarded plastic bottles and cigarette butts.
    With a scraggly beard and long tousled hair, he used bright scraps of fabric as a belt and wore a grubby sheepskin-lined overcoat over a faux leather jacket. But Mr Cheng’s life changed dramatically after an amateur photographer posted pictures of him walking the streets onto the Chinese internet. His prominent cheekbones and bohemian clothes quickly won him a legion of fans who called him “China’s Sexiest Tramp” and, most often, “Brother Sharp”.
    “Damn, that is one handsome guy. Look at how he wrinkles his brow. Nothing needs to be said. Very sexy,” wrote one of the tens of thousands of his fans on Tianya, a Chinese internet forum.

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    “Maybe the fact I had to fight and struggle in the Ukraine is how I succeeded. “You can’t sit around. I still have that survival instinct.

    I absolutely hated James Bond as a kid! I remember my mom making me watch all these James Bond movies/series with her, when all I wanted to do was go play dress up! When I was old enough to have my own T.V and afford cable, I made sure to avoid any James Bond anything! lol. 

    So you can imagine my discomfort as I prepared myself to watch Quantum of Solace. I would’ve never thought I would voluntarily sit through a James Bond movie, and yes I was drooling over what’s his face, but miss thing right here?!

    For those of you that don’t know; this Ukrainian beauty is 28 year old Olga Kurylenko. I have to admit, I’m so in love with her “rags-to-riches” story! *don’t judge me, I love ish like this!*
    She grew up in a small town, and shared a 4 bedroom apartment with more than SIX other people! Like many of us, she didn’t have her father around, yadda yadda she auditioned for the Bond Girl role, GOT IT and wasn’t just hot, she did a good job. It just goes to show that YOU are responsible for making YOUR dreams come true.
    I think she’s gorgeous, and even more beautiful for never giving up, following her dreams, and making them come true!
    So I think she’s hot, but do you?