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    Check out the all new Blinked.com

    There is cool new site called Blinked that is all about recommendations! I recently got nominated for their Best of Summer Award. Here is the deal, I need to get 200 of my friends to check out Blink to become a finalist! If you want to check it out – the link is below


    What’s Blinked? It’s a new way to find recommendations from all of your favorite sources at once – your best
    friends, favorite magazines and web sites, work colleagues, brands, celebrities and more. Get one aggregated list of recommendations from everyone you know and trust at once, wherever you are. Users can recommend any person, place, product, web site, event, company and more.

    We call recommendations Blinks. I’d like to invite you to join http://blinked.com

    You may view my profile by clicking on this link upon logging in: http://blinked.com/user/glossyvonne-kai