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    Beauty Preview with Shiseido and Cle de Peau #ShiseidoWaterfall

    The perfect way to break into the reality of Fall and to say hello to November is to attend a Spring 2014 Beauty Preview host by Shiseido and Cle de Peau at the Waterfall Mansion.  Located on the quaint 80th St in the Upper East Side. This venue is stunning!  I knew I had arrived when I saw the front gate that matched the perforated invited I received a few weeks back!

    IMG_3742 IMG_3741

    I knew just a bit about Shiseido because because my mom cannot stop raving about them but I haven’t used any of their color cosmetics and skincare regularly. I was so interested and impressed by this event’s elegant presentation and product showcase!


    One of the really exciting Limited Edition products is this SPF foundation with a traditional kimono inspired design on the top. Each station had a Shiseido beauty expert explain and demo the products thoroughly.


    An actual waterfall inside the house!  How zen and beautiful. Notice the Shiseido logo projected on the waterfall for a really nice touch.  While perusing the spring collection, we had a complimentary sushi bar throughout the entire event, paired with coffee, teas and lychee drinks too!

    IMG_3744 IMG_3745

    So I came home with a HUGE goodie bag of all the products and I can’t wait to try and review them all.  Here is a sneak peek at some of the new shades of the Lacquer Gloss and Lacquer Rouge.

    IMG_3807Which one is your favorite?

    rs306Lacquer Gloss – There are 8 new shades coming this Spring!

    Inspired by suki-urushi or “transparent lacquer.” Suki-urushi is a style of traditional Japanese lacquerware which involves high-quality raw lacquer that has a transparent, glossy finish with clear color.

    RD321Lacquer Rouge – 7 new shades coming this Spring

     Inspired by Japanese lacquer artistry, this 9,000-year old technique delivers exceptional lustrous shine and an almost wet-looking finish to a wide variety of pieces, called “lacquerware.

    I will show you the swatches in Feb!