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    FW11 Louboutin

    Christian Louboutin has released a new look book for their Fall/Winter 2011 collection and they enlisted the help of Peter Lippmann to do so. This combination might be familiar to some Christian Louboutin and Lippmann fans as the two previously worked together nearly two years ago. The inspiration from the look book is inspired by classic portrait paintings which features an item from the Louboutin collection. It’s definitely a different look and concept from other look books and should we be surprised?

    Here are my favs

    See more at ThinkContra

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    @SperryTopsider Boat Shoes

    I got my eye on some Sperry’s. How to wear boat shoes?

    Just like this!  Boat shoes were originally designed for when you are on a boat, with a soft rubber sole that is non marking. Since most of us are not yachting off to the sunset, it has become quite the staple spring fashion piece. I love boat shoes and got a great pair from Zara kids (boys section) 2 years ago.  Here are some ideas for you!

    I wore mine lots in LA and had to toss them. What color should i get this season?

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    Sam Edelman Lorissa Leopard

    I never had to fight someone for shoes til I saw these. Shannae picked them for me at the Petite Feet Sample Sale for $100. Online they are available for $199 +S/H. 

    They come in nude, white, black, denim, pink, python, mini dalmatian

    I have never gotten so many comments from complete strangers! At least a dozen on Queen Street and Yonge Street, at my Hair Salon on College and then 430 others on Plixi. Oo la la.

    Get to the Petite Feet Sale! It’s on all weekend!

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    Erica Giuliani

    Shoe lovers and recessionistas rejoice! We learnt to be super creative in the last year because of the economic slump –  believe there’s always an opportunity in midst of disaray. My good friend Blaine pointed me over to this site, he saw it originally on Dragon’s Den.

    What a great concept! Removeable accessories to jazz up your shoes and boots.

    I am a huge fan of the Suede Fringe ($20)
    and the Oval Buckle boot chains ($55) remind me of the DIY I did last summer 🙂 
    Check out more here
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    Almond Toe

    I have been lusting for shoes. This is normal. 🙂 There are only a few people who share my love, shoutout to Allison! My shoe sister…. The trends right now are not hard to keep up with if you are paying attention. Spring/Summer Peep toes we all know, but Fall/Winter it’s all about Almond Toe. It is the almond shaped front of the shoe that makes it oh so cute with denim or a dress. It’s more dressy than round toe and more innocent than pointy. I am totally absolutely loving them all.

    My Almond Toe wish list:

    ASOS Astound – I get weak in the knees for these!

    FCUK Sapphira boot – LOVE the mocha stain leather

    Loving Carvela…my new fave brand, almond toe pump Corsage

    more Carvela OMG love! You can get these on Victoria Secret

    Here’s Lowe from coco&lowe, showing you how it’s done. hi wayne!

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    So this how it all started. I was flipping through some glossy mags and saw this Old Navy ad… and the shoes the model is wearing! Heart!  Anyone know where they are from??? Send me the link and I’ll love you forever.

    So I decided that finding them will be my new obsession and emailed the ShoeGoddess to find them. She didn’t know who they were by but pointed me to miss Ruthie Davis. Shoe designer extraordinaire! NY designed, Italian made, featured in J-pop mags.. Wow, so you can get her shoes on various sites like shopbop and kitson… they run from $500-$800 +. These are perfect for that outrageous fashionista, the star that’s meant to shine. You know I won’t be buying no conservative beige Manolos or WASPY Jimmy Choos!  ewww, so not my style..
    I love my shoes the way I love my men. Read all about that here.
    The ones that spell head-to-4inch heel fabulousness. Nosebleed sky high, come fuck me heels.  4 inch heels are so 2008, we are talking 10cm here! Ruthie Davis is my shoe homegirl now… DAVIS is amazing and soon to be a household name, but you heard it here first! I would compare her style to Casadei. You haven’t heard of her? That’s okay cuz Beyonce has, and Alicia Keys too! Don’t sleep on this one…! Check this out.. hot damn!