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    Healing can be so sweet, SIIKA Herb & Honey: Infused Traditionally, Created Intentionally

    While taking part in self-care and self-love rituals year-round is critical to your overall wellbeing, we have to admit, the holiday season can be a bit more stressful and taxing than other times.

    Gift yourself something too! Its so easy for us to buy or take time for others, but listen here, honey, you deserve something amazing too! So often, women buy for everyone else but it’s a good idea to remember that you deserve something beautiful as well.

    This could be any number of things.  It could be actually buying yourself something you really want, or going to get your nails done, a massage or a facial. Let’s not forget, time is also a gift!  We can get so caught up in what to do or other people during the holidays that we forget ourselves. Taking time for yourself could include taking a ice bath, quiet reading time, or literally just laying on the bed with a DIY sheet mask on daydreaming! It all applies. Just make sure you take time out just for you. It really does make a big difference.

    SIIKA (n/adj): gold, wealth, luxury; extreme beauty or riches

    While wealth is initially thought of in financial terms, wealth is also found in love for self, family, and friendships. With herb and honey infusions, SIIKA reclaims the rituals that restore, refresh and reconnect you to yourself and to loved ones, so you can savor, delight and indulge in the sweetness of life.

    Mama | Mint & Rosemary Honey

    Named after founder Makuyo’s great-grandmother, Elnora, whom her family affectionately called Mama.

    Founder Makuyo, her mother, and grandmother shared a connection with gardening and sewing. She remembers sewing patchwork quilts and working in an urban garden with her mother and grandmother, as a adolescent. This love and fellowship through gardening and sewing can be directly traced back to Mama who grew all varieties of vegetables and herbs alike, for her family on their land in Mississippi.

    Makuyo’s most recent Indigenous ancestry, as the original inhabitants of this country, is also directly traced back to Mama. As such, many Native American tribes believe that Rosemary is a gift from the Creator and widely used varieties of mint to treat a plethora of conditions.

    Although Mama passed when Makuyo was very young, and she has few memories of Mama, Makuyo’s great-uncle has told her countless stories about Mama, of her kindness and self-lessness.

    Pair Mama with berries, teas, cocoa, coffee, or any other comfort beverage.
    Infused with Love: Raw Honey, Mint, Rosemary, Calendula

    Yaayo | Vanilla & Lavender Honey

    Founder Makuyo’s namesake.

    Makuyo’s paternal ethnic group, the Krobo (of present-day Ghana) name their children by position and/or characteristics in birth. It happens that both her grandmother and her were the fourth child of their fathers, so they are both named Makuyo. By her children and grandchildren, she is known as Yaayo. Though Makuyo speaks little Ga, and she spoke no English, somehow they still found a way to communicate and connect.

    The Vanilla and Lavender in this blend is the perfect balance of determination and gentleness, just like Yaayo.

    Yaayo is excellent with chai teas, coffee, on waffles, pancakes, or ice cream.  Try this with our Sankofa blend!
    Infused with Love: Raw Honey, Vanilla Bean, Lavender

    Herb + Honey Candles

    Signature SIIKA Candles in Honey and Herb.

    Honey: Sensual, gourmand blend with notes of amber, lavender, and sandalwood.

    Herb: Light, uplifting and sweet blend with notes of citrus, basil, and agave.

    Hand poured in small batches, SIIKA Candles are made with 100% natural beeswax from small & local bee farms and organic coconut oil.  SIIKA uses wood wicks and paraben free fragrances for the epitome in clean burning and sustainable aromatherapy.

    About Siika Herb & Honey:

    Siika Herb & Honey Co. is a Miami-based brand infusing raw honey with organic herbs to provide a natural way to heal our spirits. They take inspiration from the sensual and real-world healing properties of honey as well as our everyday rituals. Siika is rooted in the founder’s Ghanaian heritage and culture where they value love and strong community as personal riches. The brand’s infused honey and tea blends provide consumers with a path to reconnect to themselves and to nature despite their hectic lives. Follow them on Instagram @siikaherbandhoneyco