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    National Men’s Grooming Day – August 17th

    National Men’s Grooming Day is August 17th. It is today! Now is a good timing to search great gifts for him. Especially if you know about Chinese culture, today is also the Chinese Valentine’s Day. So it is always a good reason to show your love to him! These simple, yet effective face and body products are backed by science to keep skin clean, clear and bright. Cleansing Gel This 3-in-1 cleanser gently and effectively removes dirt and excess oil while toning the skin without over-drying. Perfect for any type of skin for any man. The cleansing gel provides hydration to promote glowing, smooth, and clear skin while reducing the…

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    The boys like it

    “It has been noted that two-thirds of Canadian men are comfortable using women’s personal care products, but only 1 in 4 are comfortable admitting it.” Michael Strahan and Dominic Lacasse were in Toronto to celebrate the launch of Vaseline Men. The new line features the, Fast Absorbing Hydrating Body & face Lotion, and the Extra Strength Hydrating Boday & Face Lotion. Both lotions are non-greasy, super absorbent, can be used daily, and keep the skin resilient and healthy looking. So now you can stop using your mom/sister/girlfriend/lady friend’s lotion and get your own, made just for you! You can get the new Vaseline Men line at grocery and drug stores…