• My dog Cami

    Soft and Chewy Treats: I and Love and You

    I and Love and You has the perfect treats to help you two best friends kick off your new awesome journey together. As you know, Cami started school 3 weeks ago and she is doing really well!


    Treats are used to deliver rewards for positive behavior during the training process. Dogs can get distracted easily and treats serve as reinforcement and a lure back to focus on the task at hand.

    ILY’s Nice Jerky Bites are the perfect blend of the awesome taste your dog will definitely roll over for, and the nutritious benefits that keep him healthy. With three yummy flavor choices – Chicken + Salmon, Chicken + Duck and Beef + Lamb.  We were working on ‘Down’ for 2 weeks and finally, the ILY’s treats got her to do it!


    For a filling post-train meal, ILY’s new Naked Essentials Kibble gets Spike back in action for the rest of the day. Three different recipe choices: Salmon + Trout, Chicken + Duck and Lamb + Bison.  Cami tried a bit of the kibble today and loved it! The ingredients are super and grain free. I will keep these on hand for days she is not having raw.

    I and Love and You Nice Jerky Bites (SRP: $7.99) and Naked Essentials Kibble (SRP: $11.99 for 4lb bag) are available in stores at Kroger’s, Wegman’s and available online at Chewys.com,amazon.com, and additional retailers.