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    Watch your Social Media @Covergirl for @PatMcGrathreal

    A lot of people wonder about the importance of social media and what it can do for their brand. It can do a ton of good and it can also be a PR disaster too. Check out my Tweets from yesterday… a perfect example of when the left hand doesn’t communicate with the right one.   The social media person of Cover Girl totally misled me.  I went to the website and the store to see that the Flipsticks is totally not the collection by British Celebrity make up artist Pat McGrath. Uh… so much for being on top of things.  Here are the shades from the Pat McGrath Runway…

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    7 Things to Do Today

    Let’s relax ladies and gents, and actually not worrying about the minimal things today. Let’s ‘forget’ about these things today. 1. Saying YES when you actually mean NO. – Say NO today. Do IT. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (such empowerment) 2. Slouching. Ladies and Gents stand up tall and strengthen your core muscles. Do not slouch anywhere, not even on the toilet or sitting on your bed. 3. Rolling Your Eyes. This is a big one for me, as I get annoyed easily. What can I say, I’m an aries. *shrugs*. Don’t roll your eyes at me. 4. Texting, emailing, bbming. PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE AND CALL THE PERSON! BETTER YET GO TO…

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    Hermes x Skateboard

    Hermes launched their viral campaign!  I swear I was sitting on your L shape couch, toeing your shaggy rug talking about this!  It’s so weird to have foresight sometimes. When you find a creative counterpart, when you find someone who is just ABOUT what they are ABOUT they way you are about what you are about, magic will happen. No doubt about it.  Do you think it will go viral? Do you think it’s a good step towards new media? What’s next? 56,104 views in 3 days? Not that viral yet… *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

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    (T.O): Video ♥: HeyDoYou x Shes CONNECTED

    So after hours and hours…and hours the videos are finally ready! It was quite the task to cut down over 5 hours of video footage into several 5-10 minute videos (mind you I was at the conference for 10 hours!), but I did it!! I really couldn’t make them any shorter, because there was just too much good info!In order to avoid one looooong post; I decided to only post some of the videos, but have provided a link to the rest of the videos as well as a photo slideshow for your viewing pleasure. There are more videos at this link! Thank you again to Donna and everyone from…

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    >> look what the cool kids are doing << What song do you want played at your funeral? black eye peas – imma be more random ways for self promotion and Ask me anything

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    Social Mixer For Social Good

    I feel honored to have been asked to be a part of the ‘Social Mixer For Social Good’, presented by Special Event Bootcamp, a private VIP reception for event professionals held at the Berkeley Church’s newly rennovated Field House. I worked with an incredible team to produce a fashion show for ‘Bullets 4 Peace’, a new L.A. based jewellery line made from real bullet casings; gorgeous pieces getting the attention of people around the world, including Beyonce & Jamie Foxx. “Every Bullet has a Target” and the target of this event was to ‘raise awareness and do some social good’. A portion of the night’s procedes went to the “Believe…

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