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    NYFW Events Open To The Public

    New York Fashion Week is a bi-annual celebration of fashion, beauty, art and culture! You don’t have to be a model or designer to get in on all the fun. Here are a few NYFW events open to the general public!


    Please join Banana Republic and Global Style Ambassador Olivia Palermo to celebrate the launch of the Banana Republic x Olivia Palermo Pop-up Shop on Thursday, February 9 from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. at the Banana Republic SoHo store. The pop-up will reflect Palermo’s iconic style from both an interiors and fashion perspective, including personal touches that make the experience unique to her sensibility. To top off the festivities, Banana Republic will be offering #BRSTYLERIDE, a luxury lift between select Banana Republic stores within New York from 12:00 -8:00 p.m. courtesy of BMW. Customers can get a ride in style with proof of purchase or use of #BRSTYLERIDE on social media.


    Free Holly Nichols Sketch

    If you always put in the extra effort to look chic as hell, now’s your time to shine! Instagram sketcher extraordinaire Holly Nichols teams with Triumph Hotels to offer gratis fashion illustrations (by appointment only) at four locations (the Library Room at Hotel Chandler, Hotel Belleclaire, Hotel Edison Lobby and the Iroquois Library). Nichols uses inspiration from your ensemble and aesthetic to draw your own effortlessly cool portrait, and trust us, it will definitely become your new profile picture.


    Hair Talks. Make Your Statement. But first, John Frieda Hair Care… and your morning coffee. Look for the John Frieda Hair Care Hair Talks – Make Your Statement truck throughout the city for a cup of joe, special offers, product samples and some lucky patrons will receive tickets to a private concert.




    In honor of the year’s most romantic holiday, Prova Pizzabar at Grand Central Terminal will be offering a complimentary Heart-Shaped Nutella Pizza with the purchase of two glasses of Prosecco. This special will be available for lunch and dinner for one week only: Tuesday, February 7th to Tuesday, February 14th.



    Saks Fifth Avenue is teaming up with Samantha and YSL beauty in time for Valentine’s Day to help you “Perfect Your Pucker!” On Wednesday, February 8, from 6-8PM, Samantha will be at Saks Downtown, sharing tips on how to make a good first impression on date night and how to get that first kiss, while YSL makeup artists demonstrate lip techniques for achieving an “Oh So Kissable” look.



    Studio Art Intensive Final Exhibitions: Beverly Bachtle Pinzon & Michele Rave Grassani

    Please join us for the opening reception of the Studio Art Intensive Final Exhibitions, featuring work by Beverly Bachtle Pinzon and Michele Rave Grassani. The reception is open to the public and free to attend. On view until March 4th, 2017.


  • WorldWide

    Follow @Rabeanco

    Smells are so powerful that the minute I got off the taxi and breathed in the HK air – I was brought back to my childhood memories!  I am in HK for my new job with Rabeanco and it has been really fun!  Since the brand is set to launch in just a few months in LA, the team in NY and I have been working hard to get everything ready.  It is an awesome experience to work with a Rabeanco because they are so loved and known by Hong Kong shoppers and we all know they will get the gold if shopping was a sport in the Olympics.  Since I am their new social media girl, it was my job to be completely all over the store, bags and of course more bags :]

    I got to see the store in person at the Langham Place mall.


    The bags and store was AWESOME and the sales people were upbeat and the store was packed.


    I love this rustic meets now kind of finish on this leather wallet


    Oh the hard decisions in life! I love them both!

    IMG_7289 IMG_7279 IMG_7274 IMG_7286Let them out! Meow!

    Stay tuned for more on www.rabeanco.com

  • New York

    Download the Game: IconPopQuiz

    A month ago, I downloaded this game to see what I knew about Pop Culture. We had a bunch of friends over and over merlot and snacks, seeing how many characters you know is a great time. Characters from retro cartoons and symbols from current shows like Revenge.

    The premise of this game is that they give you an illustration that gives you a partial clue. You can also buy hints with your points. It can be a sentence that’s a hint or it can be a few letters towards the final answer. You will have leeway even you get one letter wrong in the spelling but it’s the correct answer.

    I really loves this for the holidays. If you play this on your iPad it is sure to be a full family affair of fun!

    You can download Icon Pop Quiz by Alegrium here


  • New York

    Download this Game: Letterpress

    Letterpress is a relatively new game that I found that I actually bought. I love the themes, colors and simplicity of this game. It helps if you have a good vocab and a love for word games.  I play with with Fatema all the time and I like to start multiple games and play about 8 games at the same time.

    It is really fun and challenges you to expand your mind and use more letters per word to get more points. The premise of this game is to create words. If you use the letters that the other player has used you convert the tiles to your color and get more points.

    So fun!

    You can get Letterpress By atebits here


  • New York

    Blogging Ain’t Easy

    With my 6th blog anniversary coming up, I have come to terms with how difficult blogging has really become. There are a few reasons why I have becoming a little bit jaded when it comes to blogging and I will try to explain my thoughts here.

    1. A blog is a jealous mistress

    My blog has been my confidant, my Friday night date, my tell all and my little digital soap box for a long time. But it is insatiable and hungry for more. More photos, more events, for products. The better content I give my blog, the more it wants to up the ante of the previous post. It is exhausting. Gone is the vigor I once had when I would return from an event at 11pm and upload photos til 1am to make sure that the event recap was up before the party attendees were the next morning.  A blog is such a one sided relationship, when I am giving it my all, my opinions and it hardly tells me anything in return. I use to think of my blog was a tree, the more sun and water it gets the more it grows but I was wrong. The blog is more like a ping pong ball. Unless you keep the momentum going as quickly as possible and very precisely – it will just roll off the scene and sit in a dust pile. I guess the more I decided to live and experience things offline, the more my blog suffered online. There is a direct correlation between when I started dating my boyfriend and when my blog traffic took a nosedive and I have the analytics to prove it. But alas, reality lives offline and cannot be photoshopped (and that is a good thing)

    2. “I”dentity Theft

    A blog is so personal and I got to a point where I stopped fascinating myself. I became disinterested in “I” and drew more attention to “our”. Our new apartment, our plans, our life, our perspective. The less I was interested in just me, the less I could muster up in my online realm.

    3. So Many Bloggers

    Everyone is a blogger and that is a good thing. But companies make me feel like a duck and they are playing shoot the duck. I didn’t even go to BlogHer or any social media conferences this year because the thought of this collective blog ‘industry’ makes me reach for Gravol. Bloggers are at a weird place right now. A few of the bloggers who know the right people are doing cool things, creating collabos with Target, travelling the world and quoted in Vogue and sitting front row while we all wonder, when is it my turn?

    4. Jobs in Social Media

    Anything you put your time and effort to becomes a skill. If you spent 10,000 hrs in your lifetime blogging, you are deemed as a social media expert. The first wave of companies that tried to enroll or should I say enlist bloggers were ‘brand ambassador’ opportunities and cash prizes and what not. What happened to that? Social media, like the people that fuel it – are live and unpredictable. And since corporations and brands are built mostly on pretense, that is a big no-no. Then there were high paying jobs called Social Media Expert or Community Managers that were paying 6 figures if you know how to Facebook and Twitter and say SEO here and there. I scoff at this, most of these opportunities turn you into a monkey (sans the cymbals).

    5. Eons from Now

    Unfair connections and nepotism will forever be the biggest challenge for immigrants like me. Even though I grew up in Canada, when to school there and in the States – the network that goes several generations deep will not affect me in this lifetime or career. I could however become that pioneering great grandmother one day years from now…

    6. LIKE

    With the advent of Pinterest and Instagram, where you can double tap your way through life – What is the point? These brain snacks will never leave me satisfied and these teeny tiny info tidbits are not enough. I am use to reading books and discussing them – with a group of intelligent real ladies with no Amaro filters on them. I love watching full feature 2 hour movies and pondering over them. I consumed less but felt more nourished. I had less LIKES but I liked things more.

    So the next time you meet someone and they say they are a full time blogger, before you scoff at them – know that blogging ain’t easy and it’s about to get a whole lot harder in 2013. It is certainly a path of uncertainty so thread wisely.

  • London,  New York

    @Burberry loves Bloggers for @LondonFashionWk S/S 2013

    I just finished watching the Burberry Spring Summer 2013 show live from my comforts of my living room in Brooklyn online! Getting to see the show the exact same time as buyers and editors like Anna Wintour makes it extra cool – so a BIG THANK YOU for the Burberry Social Media team for hook it it up!

    via Burberry Instagram

    The collection is SUPER DUPER. With bright foils in pinks, purples, blues, coppers and greens – there is everything to be excited about and nothing to hide.  It will take a lot of confidence and guts to wear this new collection but that is exactly what looking forward to spring/summer should feel like.  Burberry is the best brand out there that does a great job involving social media in fashion week and all that they are doing. Great Facebook, real time Twitter, quick Instagram and of course high level production!

    Pay attention fashion brands. Here is a great example to follow!

    Here are some of my favorite looks.

    Double Duchess Bell Cape

    Metallic Corset Jacket

    Dynamic Gabardine Trench Jacket

    The Blaze in Vinyl and Metallic Python Kelly Green

    Images via Burberry.com