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    get it RIGHT

    I got a feeling… that it’s going to be a VERY sexy summer this year 🙂
    In my next life, I needs me a Jessica White to be my wife… DA-YUM!

    As soon as March hits, I can’t help but think about summer. I love spending my day lying on the grass under the sun at the Music Garden, long walks, bikinis, little summer dresses, extra large ice cold fruit smoothies, bulging and glistening biceps from all the boys showing off their arms, flip flops and last but not least summer LOVING.

    You can always tell who was working out during the cold months, because their bod is ridiculous when summer time hits. Don’t feel left out this season lol, step up  your “summer sexy” and get things right before the sun comes out to play. Um… no crash diets or anything unhealthy please… you could jump rope for 15 minutes everyday and be FIT (both kinds) by the time summer hits.  Oh and drink LOTS of water and moisturize religiously for beautiful supple skin, try your best to eat right (lots of fruit and vegetables) and you’ll be A-OK.

    You can get a jump rope at Walmart for like $5… no seriously, do it, you won’t regret it.

    So what do you do to get your body in tip top shape for sunny weather?

    peace, love and health
    ps: check out bodyrock tv for some dope work out inspiration!