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    Bitty Eats: Sunny Yummy Snacks @SunnyYummyUS


    2011 – Yabon Baby Corporation partners w/Nature’s Child, an American brand offering healthy kids snacks, to develop and produce a new product – Nature’s Child Pudd’n Pouches.

    2012 – Nature’s Child Pudd’n Pouches launch. They are the 1st squeezable, all natural, shelf-stable dairy pudding product to hit the market.

    2013 – Sensing an interest from the American market for healthy and delicious kids’ products, Yabon Baby Corporation (based in France) establishes an office in Miami, FL.

    June 2014 – In order to accelerate Yabon’s American growth, the firm acquires Nature’s Child, their partner of three years in producing Pudd’n Pouches. The firm now owns the brand and distributes two Nature’s Child products (Nature’s Child Fruit Squeezers and Nature’s Child Pudd’n Pouches).

    July 2014 –In addition, Yabon Baby Corporation is pleased to announce that in July 2014, they will launch their own product line of healthy dairy snacks, under the brand name Sunny Yummy.

    About the product

    The Sunny YummyTM dairy pudding product will initially be available in four flavors: chocolate-caramel, vanilla, lemon and cinnamon (with strawberry coming soon). It’s made from real milk that comes from the happy cows of Normandy (the same cows that are famous for producing world-class cheese), and offers a significant percentage of the protein and calcium that growing kids need every day. We guarantee once it launches, this will be the most delicious (and healthy) kids pudding product on the market!


    Distribution and pricing

    Sunny YummyTM dairy pudding pouches are currently available in 4 delicious flavors: chocolate-caramel, vanilla, lemon and cinnamon – with strawberry coming soon. The average retail price for a Sunny Yummy pack (4 pouches) is $3.99 (Confirmation of distribution coming soon).