• New York


    Went to Irving Hall last night to check out the crazy sold out show of SuperMashBros with Amanda after a quick dinner in West Village. I was no prepared for what I saw… nor did I know what to expect! The venue reminded me of Circa/Docks vibe but with an old school Berkley Church atmosphere.  The party itself reminded me of Shuffle Parties in Toronto x100 in volume but minus 50 of my best friends. But thanks Yale for the invite :]


    With all the young people having the time of their lives – it made me really wonder, when did we stop having fun like this?  Yale DJ’d an amazing set and everyone was having fun.  And… I met A-Trak!

    I wore my Tricot AA leggings in Coral and this girl said I looked naked. Um no – that would be Killa, not me.

    So here are the party pics! If you were a teenager growing up in NYC… this would have been your life.