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    Hey Boyfriend: Try @MenajiSkincare

    A good scrub can help you in the winter and dealing with dry skin. Everyone can use a good scrubbing after the gym, early in the morning and to brighten your complexion. Skip the jagged edges from pulverized Apricots and opt for smooth, round microbeads that smoothly exfoliate your face and body.

    Now you are kissably smooth.

    Oil, dirt and dead skin – That’s what’s actually on your face

    Exfoliate, clean and renew your skin with our facial scrub. This advanced formula is specially designed for men’s skincare, using a natural and unique blend of certified organic lime peel oil,  jojoba, ginseng, kelp, azulene and aloe.

    • Clear clogged pores
    • Scrub away dead and dull surface cells
    • Alleviate rough areas with vitamins and botanical components

    Skin Types: All

    How to Use

    • Apply a small amount into your palm
    • Moisten with water
    • Gently lather face and body in circular motion
    • Rinse with warm water


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