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    Kiss French, Be True, Drink Blue at This Valentine’s Day

    Travel to Bordeaux, France in the comfort of your own home this Valentine’s Day 2021! French Blue Wine brings the pleasures of a bottle of crisp Bordeaux Rosé or Sauvignon Blanc to complement your special occasions. Experience the label’s intriguing offerings that pair wonderfully with charcuterie boards, romantic candlelit meals, or fun in the sun lunches. You get the picture. The selections are wonderful for just about any special day or eating venue. From vine to table, French Blue Wine puts an American twist on French Bordeaux. Surprise your loved one with a bottle (or two!) for New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, or any special time for a memorable celebration. It’s…

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    Warm Your Valentine’s Day with Heat Holders

    Heat Holders® are the warmest socks ever! The socks and the other Heat Holders products are perfect Valentine’s Day gift for anyone who needs to feel warmer in cold days! Someone like me, I always feel cold, especially my cold feet at night. Heat Holders Socks are over 7x warmer than regular cotton socks and nearly 3x warmer than ordinary thermal socks. They are better than heated, electric or battery operated socks because you can just put them on without fussing with batteries, wires etc. Heat Holders® means No more cold feet! They are made using a unique 3 step process which makes them the Warmest Thermal Socks™! Women’s Original Socks Size: Women’s 5-9 Also…

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    Step Forward: Ever-ready tech. Everyday style. If the season brings it, Sperry’s boots can take it.

    Shop Sperry’s full selection of Women’s fashion boots, rubber duck boots and casual boots to keep your feet comfortable, cute and secure on all your waterlogged adventures this year. Sperry’s classic rubber boots for women are designed with waterproof materials, including rubber duck shells and non-marking outsoles with patented Wave-Siping™ that will catch your footing in even the slipperiest conditions. Rawhide barrel lacing, rust proof eyelets and secure buckles provide a consistent fit so you can brave the elements in confidence in any pair of Sperry Women’s boots. Find cute boots for women with premium leather uppers and micro-fleeced linings that will keep you warm and dry on colder days,…

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    Love is in the air… or should we say in the Lift chocolate

    If you ask me, what a girl want for Valentine’s Day? I will give you a “for sure” answer – please have a box of chocolate prepared. No matter she loves sweets or not, no girl will say they don’t love to receive a beautiful chocolate box. It is classic, and never outdated! So, are you ready to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day? Actually it doesn’t matter of whatever occasion you’re celebrating, or whenever you’re craving something sweet, Lift Chocolate has something for everyone! Their holiday chocolates make the perfect hostess gifts and their FAMOUS traditional english butter toffee goes wonderfully with a glass (or bottle) of wine and a…

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    Cutest Couple Matching Shoes for This Valentine’s Day

    I can’t believe there is almost one month passed in 2021. And February is used to be a super exciting month because of it is the Valentine’s Day month! This year’s Valentine’s Day seems really special, we might not be able to have a romantic getaway or date at a fancy restaurant. Let’s be safe, and host a sweet and lovely night only for two of you at home. You can cook a special dinner, or just order a nice restaurant take-out, don’t forget to prepare wine, flowers, candles, music, and some great gifts to open up. Couple matching shoes are always a classic and great idea for Valentine’s Day…

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    Straight from the farmer Amäzi Snacks

    Did I tell you that one of my hobbies to explore at Sprouts to look for some new healthy snacks? Yes, especially during the Pandemic, there are not a lot of things that we can do. I want to find more healthy snack options for myself and my family. I found Amäzi plantain chips. I am definitely amazed by the great ingredients, which are just Plantains, Olive Oil, Salt. Yep, that’s it. Whether you’re heading out to the campgrounds at weekends, or are setting out for a hike or canoe trip, healthy Amäzi snacks that’ll keep you energized and up for the adventure. Amäzi’s innovative flavors and unique textures make…

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