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    Win a Sparkly @VaselineBrand for Mum

    Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and Vaseline thinks moms everywhere deserve a little sparkle in their lives; so to celebrate Mom’s special day, the brand is offering the opportunity to win a limited-edition Swarovski Crystal bejeweled Vaseline® Lip Therapy® Mini jar!


    The special-edition Mother’s Day jar features a bedazzled flower on the lid, a design crowd-sourced from the Vaseline Facebook community!  This must-have beauty accessory will instantly beautify Mom’s makeup bag while also instantly softening her lips.




    Those wishing to win the limited-editor jar can log on to www.VaselineLipTherapy.com  on 5/10 at 1PM ET for a one-day flash giveaway of the special Swarovski jars. We only have 100, and anticipate they’ll go fast!

    Aside from being adorable and portable, Vaseline Lip Therapy Mini contains effective petrolatum and can be mixed with lipsticks to create a fabulous custom-colored gloss or dabbed on lips for a natural look and is under $2!


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    Say GOODBYE to dry skin with @VaselineBrand

    When it comes to skincare, I like to keep it simple, but I’m also VERY particular. My routine consists of black soap and raw shea butter, however, I recently ran out of shea butter, and haven’t had much time to go pick some up. Lucky for me, I received the new Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion, so my worries of becoming an ashy larry were put to rest! The new Total Moisture Lotion is a multi-vitamin moisturizer, that replenishes 100% of daily hydration, along with the essential nutrients that skin needs to be vibrant and feel healthy every day.

    Key Ingredients

    • Vitamins A, E, & minerals – essential skin nutrients
    • Conditioning moisturizers – provide 100% of daily hydration

    I have really sensitive skin so I have to be careful about the products that I use, and this lotion has been really good to me. My skin stays moisturized, soft and smooth all day long, and I definitely wasn’t expecting that. I love the Cocao Radiant (helps even skin tone), and adore the freshness of the Aloe Fresh (perfect for the summer!)


    It definitely kept my skin RIGHT during fashion week! No ashiness in sight!

    peace and love


    ps: Thanks to Vaseline for saving me from becoming an ashy larry!!

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    The boys like it

    “It has been noted that two-thirds of Canadian men are comfortable using women’s personal care products, but only 1 in 4 are comfortable admitting it.”

    Michael Strahan and Dominic Lacasse were in Toronto to celebrate the launch of Vaseline Men.

    The new line features the, Fast Absorbing Hydrating Body & face Lotion, and the Extra Strength Hydrating Boday & Face Lotion. Both lotions are non-greasy, super absorbent, can be used daily, and keep the skin resilient and healthy looking. So now you can stop using your mom/sister/girlfriend/lady friend’s lotion and get your own, made just for you!

    You can get the new Vaseline Men line at grocery and drug stores across Canada.

    Show them some Vaseline some L-O-V-E on Facebook!

    peace and love


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    Soft and Sweet giveaway!

    As you can tell, my mind is off winter, and has officially planted itself in the dreams of spring and summer. In celebration of a new season, and new possibilities we’re doing a Soft and Sweet giveaway. Our friends over at Harbinger, have been spoiling us rotten with gifts, so we’re going to keep on with the spoiling, and treat you as well.

    I know you hear me talking about healthy skin ALL THE TIME… I know… and I’m gonna keep doing it. When I tell you to drink lots of water and moisturize, I want you to do it like your life depends on it. lol. So in order for me to make sure that at least one of you is doing so, I’ll be giving away the last of Vaseline Extra Strength lotions from their Intensive Rescue line. The “Lil Angel” fragrance by Harajuku Lovers is also part of the giveaway; so not only will you have soft, supple skin, but you’re gonna smell sweet and totally edible too. So perfect for summer.

    How can you win?

    Follow me on twitter, and tell me why soft skin is a summer must-have. Then email me at bella  @  heydoyou.com, with Soft and Sweet as the subject, and tell me why you wanna be soft and sweet this sumer. EASY.

    I look forward to hearing all your creative responses!

    peace, love and health


    ps: Thanks to Coty Inc and Harbinger for making this possible!

    *More giveaways coming soon!

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    (T.O.): Ashy no more!

    Tis the season for giving, and I will be giving the gift of Ashy-no-more. It’s winter time; and this means that the chances of having ashy, itchy skin are now multiplied. Vaseline sent us some samples of their new Intensive Rescue line for us to try out. Due to some recent personal developments, I won’t be able to try out the line. However, if you’re a Vaseline lover and want to try out their new line (and you don’t wanna be ashy no more!). Let me know, and they’re yours!

    Intensive Rescue Extra Strength (one with and one without fragrance) Intensive Rescue Clinical Therapy (no fragrance)

    Here’s what Vaseline has to say about the new line:
    Intensive Rescue Extra Strength Lotion
    Triples moisture reserves in your skin instantly, then fills in the gaps found in dry, damaged skin to lock moisture in all day, promoting the proper hydrating environment dry skin needs to repair itself.
    Intensive Rescue Clinical Therapy Lotion
    An advanced formula specifically designed to moisturize severely dry skin. clinically proven to moisturize severely dry skin and deliver triple action results through hydration – instant relief, long lasting protection, and sustained recovery to extremely dry skin.

    • instant relief – immediately increases hydration by 5x
    • long-lasting protection – locks in moisture for 24 hours
    • sustained recovery to extremely dry skin – helps to restore† extremely dry skin in 5 days
    For more info on the new line, go here!
    wishing you peace, love and health
    Random: Omg Christmas is two days away!!
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