• My Dog Jacob,  New York


    I think I found the perfect doggy shoes for winter! After walking through the streets of NY winters, Jacob’s paws had to be soaked 4 times over and over to wash them. Have you guys tried PAWZ? *HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*

  • My Dog Jacob


    There is a real niche market for big dog clothes. Yes some dogs dress for fashion but for dogs like Jacob – he really needs it for warmth!  With hardly any belly on his hair, he needs to stay warm enough to stay outside long enough to get the daily exercise he needs. I have a coat I got for him at Chilly Dogs last year and he doesn’t like it. It’s because his own fur gets stuck on the inner fleece and then its very itchy for him the next time he wears it. So I invert it for him right now but we are still looking for that…

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    Puppy Hoodie!

    Thank you Doggie TShirts for this brand spanking new blue hoodie for Jacob!  If you are looking to keep your puppy warm in this deep freeze, make sure you order them from DoggieTshirts.com.  The measurements are true to size and the cut fits well. They have a range of colors, sizes and especially for big doggies!  Jacob is a XXL, and the hoodie fits perfectly!  HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected – Follow this blog!

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    Puppy Hat

    Get a hat for your doggy because its -30 outside$25 – On sale here or follow Bean’s Blog HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected – Follow this blog!

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    Winter Puppy @Ruffwear

    Before you think that ‘dogs with shoes’ is a ridiculous thing, let me first tell you that my dog also has socks. Winter in the city is no joke for urban dogs who trot down Spadina for their morning walk. They city salt streets can damage and burn paws, cause infections and is a general no-no for all puppies. Some dog owners have used balloons on paws, others have used Muttluks (mitten kind). This is my 3rd winter with Jacob and since he was one Muttluk short of a pair (we lost one of four last winter), we went searching for new ones. Ruffwear boots! They are for dogs on…