• My Dog Jacob

    Petcentric by @Purina

    YouTube channel Petcentric by Purina, has introduced a new series Text from Dogbased on the wildly popular Tumblr Text From Dog. The adorable series follows YouTube star Sam Pepper (805,261 Instagram followers) as he tries to go on dates, hang out with friends and have a life only to be constantly interrupted by his texting (real-life) pet, Sir Chinston Pugsworth II.

    Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 2.27.16 PM

    Not only is this pug super cute, but he’s actually generating a social media following of his own. He currently has 84,120 followers on Instagram – making him more popular than Carson Daly (78,090), James Van Deer Beek (66,067) or Kate Bosworth (36,196) and Tara Reid (23,615) combined! Check out the latest episodes: