HCB #15: Things U can do with some thighs 1

If ever you feel like cooking up some chicken strips but don’t have chicken breast, don’t fret lol, you can make it happen with almost any part of the chicken except the wings, neck and back… then again if you feel like a challenge, HeyDoYou 🙂

You’re gonna need a sharp knife to take the meat off the bones…

Then slice the chicken into strip (whatever your desired thickness :))

Season the strips, dredge strips in seasoned flour, dust off excess, then deep fry those bad boys!

ps: a few at a time prevents the strips from sticking together during the cooking process, and ensures an even cooking time for ALL the strips.

Don’t forget your veggies! Steamed garlic yu choi! I ♥ yu choi!  

You know I had to have some noodles and shrimp up in the mix! A little sweet n sour dipping sauce for the chicken strips 🙂

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